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Philips India Expands Portfolio In Ultrasound With The Launch Of Next-Generation EPIQ Elite Ultrasound System

Enhancing clinical performance and patient experience, Royal Philips, a global leader in health technology announced the launch of the EPIQ Elite ultrasound system, a new premium ultrasound that combines the latest advances in transducer innovation.

EPIQ Elite offers a range of diagnostic ultrasound solutions tailored to the needs of specific medical specialties, including Philips’ first solution for vascular assessment and diagnosis. In addition, EPIQ Elite for Obstetrics & Gynecology delivers extraordinary image quality and lifelike 3D scans to provide advanced fetal assessment during all stages of pregnancy. The ultrasound features an exceptionally high level of clinical performance, workflow and advanced intelligence optimized for the most demanding clinical situations.

Commenting on this innovative technology, Dr. Nidhi Bhatnagar, HOD Radiology, Mata Chanan Devi Hospital, said, “The features in EPIQ Elite like FlexVue and MircoFlow imaging will give excellent results to the end users”.

Adding to her, Dr. TSH Bedi, Director, Bedi Ultrasound, commented “The New Epiq Elite has a High Resolution HD Max screen which will bring excellent resolution. The new probes XL14-3,mC7-2,eL18-4 will take ultrasound to the next level  of clarity. The C (Coronal) axis on real-time scan is amazing; there is no drop of frame rate & resolution.”

Through this technology, Philips expects to equip clinicians with detailed information thereby resulting in diagnosis that is more confident. The advanced system combines new display technology (24inch HD Max monitor – 40% brighter than OLED technology) and innovative transducers (XL14-3, V9-2, L12-3 Ergo and mC7-2), enabling accurate outcomes as well as enhancing overall patient’s experience.  Harnessing the power of advanced technologies with tailored clinical tools, the Elite delivers ultimate ultrasound solutions across clinical applications, especially for liver, breast, small parts and vascular assessments

With imaging playing an important role within the care delivery spectrum, Philips’ latest integrated solutions across MRI, CT and ultrasound are built to enable radiologists in India to transform overall patient experience through faster and more accurate diagnosis.

This new portfolio helps in obstetrics and gynecology by providing lifelike 3D scans which offer improved detection of birth defects and potential complications during all stages of pregnancy.

The ergonomic, lightweight V9-2 transducer is the first high-frequency PureWave transducer focused on getting fine detailed images as early as possible to help clinicians easily perform confident assessments of fetal health.

The xMATRIX linear transducer by Philips helps to produce 3D images of patient’s vasculature, which allows clinicians to see into a vessel to evaluate plaque location and composition as well as flow data to assess stenotic conditions. The system also allows clinicians to acquire two planes simultaneously, which the company said improves accuracy and can reduce exam time by 20%.

Philips is a leader in ultrasound solutions with a large global installed base and strong record of accomplishment of industry-first innovations. The company’s ultrasound portfolio supports the effective and efficient delivery of care across a broad range of clinical specialties including radiology, cardiology, point-of-care and OB/GYN.  – Medical Buyer Bureau

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