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Philips Launches Advanced Imaging Systems Solutions in India

Royal Philips, a global leader in health technology, unveiled its latest Imaging Systems range with solutions including the Next MR Wave (Ingenia Ambition, Ingenia Elition), Epiq Elite Ultrasound System, DigitalDiagnost C90 (Digital X-ray), Intellispace Discovery, Compressed SENSE and Philips IQon (CT) at IRIA 2019, the annual conference of Indian Radiological and Imaging Association, in Chandigarh. Designed to connect people, data, and technology, these state-of-the-art innovations offer benefits including improved outcomes, enhanced patient experience, increased staff satisfaction and lowered cost of care delivery. These solutions will equip clinicians with detailed information thereby resulting in diagnosis that is more confident. Commenting on the launch, Rohit Sathe, President – Philips India Healthcare said, “Imaging plays an important role within the care delivery spectrum. Our latest integrated innovations across MR, CT and Ultrasound will enable radiologists in India to diagnose faster, more accurately, transforming the overall patient experience. Philips continues to innovate its Imaging solutions to help radiologists unlock that potential and provide greater value to their organization and patients.”

Bringing much-needed advances to the demanding application areas of imaging systems, Philips’ Ingenia Ambition 1.5T MR is the latest advance in the MRI portfolio. Incorporating Philips’ breakthrough BlueSeal, fully-sealed magnet, the Ingenia Ambition is the world’s first MR system to enable helium-free operations, reducing the chance of potentially lengthy and costly disruptions, and virtually eliminating dependency on helium – an expensive commodity with an unpredictable supply. Another innovation of the Ingenia range, Philips Ingenia Elition offers cutting-edge MR imaging techniques, while setting new standards for clinical research in 3.0T imaging based on superior gradient and RF designs. Philips also announced a new and exciting MR clinical application-Compressed SENSE, which is a unique break through acceleration technique speeding up not only sequences but also the entire scan. This new paradigm in productivity requires a unique implementation, enabling 2D and 3D scans to be up to 50 percent faster with virtually equal image quality.

Another spotlight at the IRIA 2019 for the company is Philips’ DigitalDiagnost C90, the ceiling mounted digital x-ray system, designed to support patient throughput, incorporating a variety of tools that reduce the need for retakes of procedures, saving time and creating a faster workflow. The company also announced the debut of the next generation of IntelliSpace Portal, the latest edition of Philips’ comprehensive, advanced visualization and quantification platform. This latest version features enhancements across the solution, with a particular focus on oncology to provide radiologists with an improved full set of applications and workflows to support the reading and follow-up of complex oncology cases. The other showcase at the IRIA for Philips include Epiq Elite Ultrasound, a comprehensive all-in-one solution to help clinicians assess, treat and monitor liver conditions, an innovation to provide consistent image quality across a wide range of clinical needs. With Eqip Elite, caregivers will bring in ultimate solutions to ultrasound, with clinically tailored tools designed specifically to build on diagnostic confidence.

At this prestigious event, Philips will also be platforming their Philips IQon, world’s first spectral detector-based CT, which enables doctors to view anatomical structures and identify material composition. It also provides in-depth spectral information on demand and retrospective analysis, at low-dose. As a leading healthcare company, Philips has continuously worked in order to adapt value-based approach, and providing customers with more seamless and integrated solutions. These state-of-the-art innovations will help radiologist in diagnosing more patients per day, and shorten patient wait time with innovative tools, thus helping to assure outstanding patient throughput. Philips is a leader in ultrasound solutions with a large global installed base and strong record of accomplishment of industry-first innovations in areas such as real-time 3D imaging of the heart, quantification tools driven by Anatomical Intelligence, and ultra-mobile, portable ultrasound solutions. The company’s ultrasound portfolio supports the effective and efficient delivery of care across a broad range of clinical specialties including radiology, cardiology, point-of-care, and OB/GYN. – Medical Buyer Bureau

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