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Platelets Equipment Center for Government General Hospital Urged

Blood purification and platelets separation equipment is the dire need of the people of the Anantapur district (Andhra Pradesh) but despite people crying from rooftops, there seems to be no takers. The government sanctioned one such center to a private blood bank which is minting money from the people. Unless such a center is established in the Government General Hospital (GGH), the poor people and the middle class are having a hard time purchasing the platelets to save patients suffering from life threatening diseases including dengue, swine flu and even anaemia, according to V V Ramana, president of Sanjeevini Helping Hands, who is engaged in rescuing people on the throes of death for want of blood, platelets and even burying unclaimed bodies. Addressing a press conference to draw the attention of Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu, who is visiting the city tomorrow, Ramana stated that every day more than 5000 people from 63 mandals visit the GGH for whom it is the only ray of hope for treatment of multiple ailments. Many people suffering from life threatening diseases need the center with the medical equipment to handle blood purification and platelets separation from Single Blood Donor Platelets (SBDP).

A healthy person will have 2 lakh platelets in his blood but when dengue, swine flu or any such disease strikes him, his blood platelets dips to 1 lakh or even to 50,000 to even 10,000, which is when he would be on the edge of life. Unless platelets are donated to him, he will not survive. The government interestingly had given such a crucial center to a private blood bank which is minting money. The process of separating platelets from blood is a time-consuming procedure and is not easy as donating just blood. It would take 2 to 3 hours for the separation to take place and until such time the patient has to be on bed for 2-3 hours. The private blood bank supplying platelets to an emergency patient collects Rs 11,000. Many poor and lower middle-class patients could not avail the services due to financial constraints. It is a common knowledge among the patients who say that such a big amount is being collected to grease the palms of the higher-ups in the Medical Department. To draw the attention of the Chief Minister, Ramana has posted a direct appeal in the WhatsApp appealing to Chandrababu to sanction a couple of units for the GGH in the city and another in the regional government hospital in the district. He also says that he is one phone call away to anyone in medical distress. – The Hans India

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