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PMC to begin online license renewal for Pune hospitals

The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) will soon start an online registration process for all city hospitals and maternity homes under its ease of doing business and single window system wherein hospitals will be able to renew their license every three years through the online process. Along with this, the civic body will also start online collection of fees for biomedical waste disposal.

The initiative will help reduce the time taken by the offline registration process. Dr Manisha Naik, assistant health officer, PMC, said, “Earlier, it used to take about 21 days for the documentation process. Along with and in addition to this, the physical examination would follow which increased the time taken for the renewal process by about a month. However, the online system will reduce the time taken for the documentation process to under a week.”

The online set up on PMC’s website will be available in the next 15 days, according to Dr Naik. Once an application comes in for approval along with all the documents, the medical officer of the concerned ward will verify all the documents. Once the primary level is cleared, the documents will once again be processed at the assistant health officer level after which final verification will be carried out by the medical officer health (MOH).

Dr Ashish Bharti, MOH, said, “This process will definitely bring in more transparency and make the renewal of licenses easier for hospitals.”

There are about 742 hospitals including small nursing homes and maternity homes which will benefit from this. Dr Sanjay Patil, chairperson of the hospital board of India, Pune chapter, Indian Medical Association, said, “This process will definitely bring down corruption at the ward and zone level which hospitals have to face during license renewal. The PMC could also work better to ensure that physical inspections also take place as per the protocol and that only ward medical officers and not sanitary inspectors conduct the inspection.”

Additionally, hospitals will soon also be able to pay for biomedical waste disposal through the online mode. Hindustan Times

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