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Procurement planning over the next year

Being the CEO of a renowned organization like Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital, I have been observing many ups and downs in procurement planning within the medical facility. I thank the Medical Buyer magazine that is letting me discuss on such a crucial topic. This platform is truly the best medium to communicate with my readers as procurement planning has a huge concern with the entire healthcare industry.

Many medical organizations have been facing challenges like outdated IT infrastructure, laidback attitude of procurement team delaying the stock inventory, lack of manpower, and wasted time.

By outdated IT infrastructure, I mean unsafe, ineffective, and poorly functioning MDE (medical devices equipment) that impairs health service provision, leading to unsatisfied patient outcome.

Fortunately, our hospital hardly faces such challenges because our procurement management team foresees before planning anything. I must say, a dedicated team work can always overcome any challenge that comes your way and help you improve patient care and clinical outcomes. For quality, our procurement team can rely on the internationally accepted standards regarding medical equipment, whereas, for budgeting, we make sure to procure right goods at the right price. Considering the on-time assessment of technology, the organization using and evaluating the products or devices is a part of good procurement practices. Methods of procurement in medical facilities vary from country to country, but they include the same process right from technology assessment to monitoring the technology and medical devices. The procurement process starts from demanding the medical equipment which might take longer. Thanks to e-commerce websites selling equipment online thereby making things easier and possible today. Internet is a boon as there are various supply chain tools that can be adopted to reduce manual work and improve purchase operations. Including such smart ways in the procurement planning can enhance the efficiency of work within medical facilities.

Post planning, the decision may undergo many alterations considering its execution aspects. But planning remains the major stage of any medical procurement process. A patient’s demands and expectations are always a critical concern; besides, the medical organization must also keep itself updated regarding changes in medical technology. Even a minor change in any industry line affects the entire market segment that ultimately affects the organizations individually.

In medical procurement planning, firstly selecting the best-in-class quality equipment for your medical services is very important. The second is budgeting and the third is the benefits of installing the equipment in the hospital, also affecting the reputation of the organization. It is always advisable to engage a qualified and experienced hospital consultant in the procurement planning process as it turns out very helpful at the management level. While purchasing any medical equipment in bulk, one must consider the hospital’s project cost, its requirement, suitable technology, and the operational lifecycle of the equipment. A perfect plan plays an indispensable role in an effective procurement-management process. The more appropriate your procurement is, the more improved medical facilities an organization can provide. The overall procurement management determines the level of professionalism, technological advancements, and flawless operations of the organization leading to its positive reputation in the healthcare industry.

Simply put, procurement planning involves observing and analyzing the requirements, figuring out the budget and carrying a seamless supply chain of equipment within the medical facility. I believe challenges are everywhere, and accepting them as a learning lesson can help every individual, organization, and industry grow on a personal level. While leading an amazing team of doctors, medical operators, and procurement professionals at Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital, I learnt that one should always possess a vision to foresee the requirements and challenges, budget it wisely, and price it appropriately. Thus, our innovative approach toward procurement planning makes our hospital stand unique in the healthcare industry.

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