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Refrigerators & freezers

Thermo Fisher Scientific
TSX Series
Ultra-low temperature freezers with V-drive technology; intuitive touchscreen user interface with alarm status, door-opening status, temperature status, environmental conditions, and back-up system status.

Revco UxF
−86°C upright ultra-low temperature freezers with outstanding thermal performance, safety, and security through state-of-the-art engineering.

Forma 8600 Series
−86°C ultra-low temperature chest freezers with centralized information center, microprocessor control, and monitoring system; polystyrene interior sub-lids; easy-to-remove, washable filter.

TSV Series
TSV series is a versatile range of ‘Make in India’ general purpose laboratory refrigerators and freezers, specifically designed for short to medium time period storage in research, clinical, and industrial laboratories, for reagents, media, proteins, and non/semi-critical samples used commonly in the lab.

Other leading players are Blue Star, Haier, Godrej, LEC Medical, Felix Storch, Aucma, Phillipp Kirsch, Zhongke Meiling, Labcoid, Indrel, Helmer, Migali Scientific, and Dulas.

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