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Revolutionizing respiratory medicine in India – Innovations in diagnosis and care

India’s medical landscape has undergone a significant evolution, particularly in the realm of respiratory health. Historically, chest physicians in India were primarily focused on diagnosing tuberculosis, often relying on clinical judgment in the absence of sophisticated diagnostic tools. However, the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic catalyzed a profound shift. Suddenly, respiratory ailments beyond Covid-19 took center stage, prompting a re-evaluation of diagnostic protocols and healthcare priorities. This paradigmatic change not only highlighted the need for a more comprehensive approach to respiratory medicine but also underscored the importance of leveraging advanced diagnostic technologies. In this new era, where respiratory diseases are scrutinized with heightened awareness, India’s medical community finds itself at a pivotal juncture, poised to redefine standards of care and improve outcomes for patients with diverse respiratory conditions.

SCHILLER offers the following range of innovative products that represent the cutting edge of technology in the field, offering clinicians unprecedented insights into respiratory health:

SpiroScout – spirometer is a complete lung function laboratory, based on the GANSHORN ultrasound flow measurement method. It enables the exact determination of all spirometric parameters, such as flow/volume, spirometry, lung volume, the one-second capacity FEV1 as well as static and dynamic lung function measurements, including peak flow measurement.

GANSHORN PowerCube Body+ is your go-to solution for comprehensive respiratory diagnostics. With its advanced capabilities, it offers a complete assessment of lung function and overall respiratory health, empowering clinicians with valuable insights. Users can configure the PowerCube Body+ hardware and LFX software to meet their specific requirements and preferences.

GANSHORN PowerCube Diffusion+ is the first diffusion system on the market that uses ultrasound technology. Its long-life sensor technology is based on a GANSHORN innovation and requires no maintenance. In addition, the high-speed sensor allows the user to change the ejection and withdrawal volume to measure patients up to 0.5 l VC.

SPIROVIT SP-1 G2 is an all-in-one solution in lung function testing – portable/desktop spirometry for large and small healthcare providers. Thanks to GANSHORN’s ultrasound technology, measurements are highly accurate and the sensor is maintenance- and calibration-free. The spirometer offers FVC, SVC, and MVV. Moreover, pre and post tests are possible. The SPIROVIT SP-1 G2 automatically interprets the results and provides information on a possible diagnosis.

EucapSys® – The Eucapnic Voluntary Hyperpnea (EVH) test is an alternative method to other indirect or direct bronchial challenge tests, such as exercise challenge or methacholine challenge test. The huge advantage of EVH is that no medication is needed. Traditionally, it has been used for elite athletes and is widely regarded as the gold standard for assessing exercise-induced bronchoconstriction (EIB) among athletes. As EVH mimics perfectly the breathing while exercising, the provocative method is the best tool to diagnose exercise-induced airway narrowing.

AltiTrainer® is an innovating device for research in hypoxic, hyperoxic, and hypercapnic condition. Exposure to high-altitude environment causes reactions in the body. The versatility of the Altitrainer® configures appropriate tests for performance and research safely. Simulated altitude training with regeneration in plain is now possible with AltiTrainer®. The device makes it possible to simulate altitudes up to 5500 m. With AltiTrainer® it is possible to train subjects to intensive training in hypoxia conditions with ventilatory flows up to 200 L/min. AltiTrainer® is designed to deliver the large amounts of hypoxic air required by a high-performance athlete at full exertion. The working height can be freely selected and controlled by a microprocessor in conjunction with an oxygen probe. AltiTrainer® combines reliability, efficiency, simplicity, and economy.

The CARDIOVIT® CS-200 Excellence ErgoSpiro system performs both pulmonary function tests and metabolic tests with diagnostic-quality 12- or 16-lead exercise ECG conveniently and accurately in a single device, with none of the compromises that sometimes have to be made in combined systems. It can be used for patients and athletes, collecting full breath-by-breath data.

FeNO by NIOX® – Introducing a simple and easy way to transform your asthma care. By accurately assessing airway inflammation, FeNO testing can help improve asthma patient outcomes in one simple test, right at the point-of-care.

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