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Robotic Surgery for Prostate Cancer Now Available at Fortis Mohali

In a significant boon to the health sector in the region, Fortis hospital Mohali has introduced the facility of robotic surgery for prostate cancer, elevating it to become a center of excellence for prostate cancer in the region. A team of doctors, led by noted urologist and robotic surgery specialist Dr Priyadarshi Ranjan, successfully conducted the robotic surgery, which was the first of its kind in the region, at Fortis Mohali. The surgery was earlier done by open method in which the patients required a 20 centimeters long incision below the navel extending down till the pubic region. Now the traditional surgery has been replaced by the world class da Vinci Robotic surgery in which the entire surgery is completed by small 8 mm incisions, with excellent recovery. The entire procedure is almost painless, bloodless and the patient is usually discharged on day two after surgery. – United News of India