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Rs 15,000 Crore Allotted For Healthcare To Fight Coronavirus

In a bid to contain the spread of coronavirus in India, the central government on Tuesday allocated Rs 15,000 crore to strengthen the health infrastructure in India. In his address to the nation, PM Modi said that the fund will be used for developing health infrastructure in the country, increasing the number of beds, testing kits, and even training of professionals to combat the disease.

In an unprecedented move, the PM announced complete lockdown in the entire country for 21 days from 12 am tonight, adding that this will be akin to a curfew and will be implemented with full compliance.

He said that there is no doubt this lockdown will entail an economic cost for the entire nation. But saving the life of every Indian is the first priority for me, the government of India, the State governments and the local administration.

“As I had asked for few weeks of the countrymen in my last address, this complete lockdown will be for next 21 days. It will have a huge economic cost but this is necessary for saving human lives,” he said.

Citing health experts report, the PM said that a minimum of 21 days is most crucial to break the cycle of infection.

“If we’re not able to manage the pandemic in the next 21 days, the country and your family will be set back for 21 years,” said PM.-Business Today

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