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Striving To Reach Quality Healthcare To The Poor

The city will soon have 50 more basti dawakhanas or neighbourhood clinics. Dr Balaji, Program Officer, Basti Dawakhana, says, “At present, there are total 100 Basti Dawakhanas in the city under GHMC limits and shortly the number will increase to 150.

The dawakhanas are being constructed by Telangana State Medical Services and Infrastructure Development Corporation (TSMSIDC) and once the work is done TSMSIDC will hand over the buildings to Telangana Vaidya Vidhana Parishad.”

In the first phase, Basti Dawakhanas were established in 17 slums and Basti areas of the city under GHMC limits. At present, there are 100 Basti Dawakhanas in the city. Mission for Elimination of Poverty in Municipal Areas (MEPMA) took up the initiate to create awareness and promote the Basti Dawakhanas for free and better medical services.

Greater Hyderabad has 1,451 slum wards of which 986 are notified and 465 are non-notified slums. The city already operates 112 Urban Health Centers while 98 UHCs work in government buildings. Additionally, these Basti Dawakhans have been set up in slum area where mostly people ignore their health conditions. The unused community halls have been remodelled as health centres.

Apart from existing government hospitals and urban health centers, these Basti Dawakhanas have been given special attention from the locals. At each Dawakhana, at least 70 people turn up every day, seeking medical assistance.

The community halls are remodeled and comprise three rooms: waiting hall, doctor’s cabin and a pharmacy. A doctor, one nurse and a supporting staff will be present at each Basti Dawakhana. At present, almost 56 types of bio-chemistry tests are done daily at 80 out of 100 Basti Dawakhanas, says Dr Balaji added.

Each Basti Dawakhana provides medicine services like a minimal medical examination, treatment, vaccines, immunisation services, family planning, medical counseling, BP, sugar and other tests. A pharmacy provides medicines.- The Hans India

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