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Technology is revolutionizing the way we deliver healthcare

At Ruby Hall Clinic Wanowarie, we are privileged to stand on the shoulders of transformational leaders who came before us, right from the very beginning of Grant Medical Foundation. Their vision encouraged us to blossom into one of Pune’s most comprehensive medical healthcare institutions. We as an organization have gained a deeper understanding of what it will take to thrive going forward. And we believe innovation is not an option; it is a necessity. While our strategic plan is based on what we have learned and points us toward the future, it is shaped by a vision that technological advancement coupled with compassionate patient care should be provided to one and all.

More importantly, we do not want to lose focus on the most important aspect for a patient’s family – the worry of finances during any kind of medical emergencies. When it comes to keeping our patient-comes-first policy in mind, we have tied up with financial institutions wherein any patient with a medical insurance walking through the doors of the hospital can avail a loan for their hospitalization costs within a matter of minutes. Moreover, our new concept of loyalty cards is all set to make processes easier and care more affordable.

When it comes to technology, we have acquired a new digital 3D laparoscopic surgical system at Ruby Hall Clinic Wanowarie. This is for the first time in India that a hospital possesses such a system with all its components. The equipment revolutionizes procedures and surgical results through better precision and accuracy, and reduced operation time. In fact, it goes a step further and changes the way surgery is performed by doctors, as well as clinical outcomes for our patients. The mobile system will now drastically shorten surgical times, making most surgeries short-stay or even day-care ones.

In the coming year, we will also be acquiring a dual-head gamma camera with two opposing detectors. This system is more likely to pick up lesions that may be missed because they fall out of the scope of a single detector. In addition, recording two facing views provides a means to better localize a lesion’s depth and estimate its size. This machine is designed to help us do more with less effort as well as complement our existing high-end PET CT scanner. With this machine, patient set-up will be faster while scan times and processing times will also be quicker.

Adding to our existing pool of innovative healthcare facilities to patients, we will soon be launching a top-class and Comprehensive Multi-Organ Transplant Program for kidney and liver transplants – a facility not available at any other tertiary center in the vicinity. In the coming years, we will soon be adding pancreatic transplants to our list as well in addition to a completely integrated OT, specially dedicated to multi-organ transplants.

We live in an era of incredible technology-driven innovation that has continually fuelled advancements in various other industries, and has now taken the medical industry by storm. In fact, innovative technology is changing the way we deliver healthcare. The healthcare industry is moving toward better integration and communication along the entire care continuum. There is a convergence that is opening up – Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT) – and it is allowing us doctors to identify patterns in health that would not have been available to intuitive practitioners.

Surgical techniques, superior imaging, EMR, and telemedicine are each playing a significant role at Ruby Hall Clinic Wanowarie in improving general healthcare. In our bid to provide exceptional, connected patient care we have developed a new, digital infrastructure as part of our growing e-health strategy in the form of virtual clinics. Truth be told, this wave of change can only aid and improve our lives, if we stand on its shoulder and if we are always two steps ahead of it. Looking forward, our vision for 2020 defines the next great era for the hospital. It is built on a simple, but powerful, premise: transform healthcare with technological innovations.

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