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Technology trends on biochemistry instruments and reagents for human diagnostics

The necessity and justified requirements for clinical diagnostics that advance medical care and public health have never been greater, and there is a critical domain of opportunity to connect new know-hows to address the greatest unmet needs. Investigative tests are an essential component of the healthcare structure, providing vital information that impacts provider decisions regarding the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and management of disease. With improvements in knowledge and technology, over the last several decades, diagnostics have become even more fundamental to the practice of treatment management today, enabling, for example, more personalized and more dynamic treatments.

Continuous scientific developments in diagnostic healthcare have saved countless lives and improved the quality of life for even more. Not only has technology changed experiences but it also has had a huge impact on evidence-based medical processes and the practices of healthcare professionals.

Trends in test technology
Analytical instruments shape the use and availability of diagnostic tests.

Location: Placing more diagnostic tests and test results in locations where they are as close to the patient as possible.

Automation: For efficiency in testing and reporting, decreased labor, cost savings, and to allow sophisticated testing, such as molecular diagnostics, to become more widely adopted into routine use and in a variety of settings.

Personalized medicine: Enables therapies to be targeted to a subpopulation most likely to benefit from it and/or least likely to experience serious side effects from it, also enables dosage to be tailored to the individual.

Genu Path Labs Limited has set up the most advanced technological lab for esoteric testing, testing of complexity, and prompt reporting of general testing. The cases with abnormal reading are informed to the doctors/patient attendants within a fraction of time to ensure advanced clinical care in a complicated situation.Highly experienced clinical team, advanced high-end equipment, stringent quality norms– strong process control QuaGenLR – all of these are employed at Genu Path Labs to ensure accurate test results.

In fact, accurate test results lie at the lab’s core. The key challenge of the healthcare domain in India lies in reaching out to all sections of the society and especially to the remotest part of the country. The focus of Genu Path Labs is to create a unique ecosystem by partnering with local healthcare support systems created by SastaSundar and, in the process, make high-quality diagnostic services both affordable and accessible

Allocated budget: ₹100 mn

Equipment we are looking for:

  • Additional fully automated random-access biochemistry analyzer for routine tests – Roche Diagnostics (highest preference)
  • Additional fully automated random-access biochemistry analyzer for immunoassay tests – Roche Diagnostics (highest preference)
    Fully automated electrophoresis instrument
  • Additional markers for renal function tests
  • Procurement of highly advanced statistical and algorithmic-based report analysis modules

Technology: Preference to partners focused on AI-based solutions to serve patients and healthcare service providers.

Brands shortlisted: In progress – exploring renowned global brands.

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