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NHAI to help set up oxygen generation plants in hospitals

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) will help set up pressure swing oxygen generation plants in 142 government-run hospitals in the State. It will construct rooms for the unit and carry out the electrical works. This follows the Centre’s announcement that DRDO’s oxygen units will be given to hospitals to tide over the pandemic.

NHAI sources said they had already held discussions with officials in the State Health Department and asked that land be identified in these hospitals within a day. The Union Health Ministry identified the hospitals in consultation with the State government.

“We are identifying contractors who can execute the work quickly and without delays. We will work with our own contractors, who have enough stocks of cement and steel, so that we will not have to call for tenders separately. The works are expected to commence simultaneously at all locations in a day or two,” said an official.

It will cost around ₹15 lakh to set up one facility and the total cost is expected to be around ₹20 crore. “We have been given a deadline of 10 days to complete the construction,” another official said.

The NHAI will be creating a room that will hold air treatment and gas separation control units, an air dryer unit, an oxygen generator, an air receiver, a control panel and a pressure regulation system. The weight of the entire unit will be 4,100 kg.

In the design, care has been taken to ensure that separate earth lines are provided for each component.

The room and the platform have been centrally designed and can be easily replicated. The Hindu