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Ultrasound equipment

BPL Medical Technologies
Latest i7 processor with SSD for high frame rate images.

A portable machine built around a cart-based system architecture with 15.6-inch LED screen.

X-Cube 70
23-inch full HD LED monitor with IPS technology & full screen imaging, single crystal & high-density wideband transducer for enhanced resolution & penetration, 4 active and 1 parking transducer port.

X-Cube 90
Super premium high-end color doppler and 3D/4D machine with 23-inch full HD LED screen with IPS technology.

Fujifilm Sonosite
Arietta DeepInsight 650/850
Excellent usability, reproducibility, visibility, utilization of AI, efficiency.

Arietta Series
Smooth workflow, superb imaging, simple to use applications.

Mindray Medical
Resona I9
Innovative ultrasound for shared service application powered by ZST+ Technology for premium IQ and advanced applications.

Nuewa I9
Innovative ultrasound for women powered by ZST+ Technology.

X-Insight series DC-80, DC-70Exp and DC-60 Exp
Intelligent ultrasound for shared service applications for confident diagnosis.

Consona N9/N8
Dedicatedly designed mid & mid-high segment users, features new and concrete solutions, powered by ZST+ Technology.

DC-40Crytsal & DC-30FHD
Dependable women’s health applications in ultrasound.

M6, MX7, M8, TE7, TE9
Choice of innovative POC ultrasound for anaesthesia, ICU, OT.

SonoRad Excellence
A cart-based color doppler ultrasound scanner. Can be used for multiple applications in radiology, OB/GYN, cardiology, paediatric, and MSK.

SonoRad K2
A portable and compact ultrasound that offers excellent clinical value in a wide range of clinical applications.

SonoRad K9
Portable and compact color doppler system that offers excellent clinical value in a wide range of clinical applications.

SonoRad K40
Portable color system brings original RF ultrasonic metadata platform.

SonoRad V10
A color doppler system with wide clinical applications in radiology, obstetrics, gynaecology and cardiology.

SonoRad V20
A color doppler ultrasound at an affordable cost.

SonoRad V40
A color doppler ultrasound at an affordable cost.

SonoRad V60
A color doppler, improves diagnostic confidence, and easy-to-use.

SonoRad V8 Premium
A slim console color doppler systems, with its easy mobility , smart features, significance performance and streamlined workflow.

SonoRad V9 Premium
With innovative RF platform and comprehensive Image processing image set, offers superior image quality in a wide range of clinical applications.

Other players include Aloka, Bionet, Blue Star, Cura, Esaote, GE Healthcare, Konica, Philips, Samsung, Siemens, Sonoscape, and Toshiba.

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