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In Vitro Diagnostics


Agappe Diagnostics
Mispa Uriskan 100 Plus
Reduced interference from ambient light. Advanced high luminosity cold light source with 3 wavelengths; 11 parameter strips can be used.

Beacon Diagnostics
Urit 50
Single urine chemistry analyzer giving 60 sample results in one hour and patient result storage of 5000 nos. compatible with urit 10g/11g & 14g urine strips.

Urit 500 C
Dual wavelength reflectance photometry base urine analyzer with through put of 520 samples / hr. System compatible with Urit 10G/11G & 14G. System automatically provides microalbumin: creatinine ratio when Urit 14g strips are run on instrument.

Beckman Coulter
DxU Iris Workcell
Fully automated system with Edit-free release technology which minimizes interruptions and operator intervention.

DxU 810c Iris
Fully automated urinalysis chemistry analyzer featuring continuous strip loading capability and high throughput with fast turnaround time.

iRICELL Series Urinalysis Workcell
The iRICELL series combines urine chemistry and microscopy in a fully automated, walk-away workcell that is easy to use and maintain. Optimize and advance urinalysis and body fluid testing in your laboratory with proprietary Digital Flow Morphology technology.

Semi-automated Urine Chemistry Analyzer Reflectance photometry with CMOS camera. Small footprint and lightweight. Immediate results – analysis takes < 1 minute. Convincing clinical values: RBC vs. HGB | mALB | CREA.

Fully automated urine sediment analyzer. Modular concept for a fully automated urinalysis workflow. UTI information and bacteria differentiation in less than a minute, body fluid mode always on board, blue laser for better differentiation of particles.

Fully automated urine chemistry analyzer. Colour CMOS sensor image technology. Fast and highly accurate measurement. Distinguishes red blood cells and free haemoglobin. Two different types of test strips available. Microalbumin and creatinine test together on one strip.

Fully automated urine particle digital imaging device. Complete analysis of urine in combination with the uf-5000/4000. Fully automated digital imaging. Gives a detailed view of urine particles. Particles can be classified into 8 different classes based upon size.

UN Series Systemisation
Sysmex urinalysis modularity concept provides flexible and customisable configuration to improve workflow efficiency; U-WAM provides single screen result management for extraordinary ease of use while improving TAT with user’s predefined rule setting.

Transasia Bio-Medicals
Laura XL
A digital microscopy based walkaway system automating sample dispensing, processing & complete analysis.

A highly efficient continuous loading urine chemistry analyser with touchscreen operation & attached waste container.

A compact single strip urine chemistry analyser with touchscreen operation & portable mode.

Other players include 77 Electronika, AVE-China, Compact Diagnostics, Cormay Diagnostics, Dirui, Iris, Mission, Rapha, Roche, Siemens and YD Diagnostics.

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