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Washington Hospital deploys TMINI miniature robotic system

The 415-bed acute-care facility, Washington Hospital Healthcare System, in Fremont, California, has deployed the TMINI Miniature Robotic System of THINK Surgical, an orthopaedic robotics innovator in US.

THINK Surgical states that Washington Hospital is the first to use TMINI.

According to the vendor, TMINI is designed for total knee replacement surgery and Dr Alexander Sah performed the first cases with this system.

The system uses a wireless robotic handpiece to assist surgeons during knee replacement surgery.

It follows a surgical plan based on a CT scan and compensates for the surgeon’s hand movements to position surgical instruments.

This system replaces manual instruments used in the surgery.

It features an open implant platform, allowing surgeons to choose different implant brands for their patients, in contrast to robotic systems that work with only one brand.

THINK Surgical received clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the TMINI system in April 2023 and is now rolling it out across the nation.

The TMINI system claims to offer accurate implant placement and is designed to make orthopaedic robotics more accessible to clinics and surgeons.

THINK Surgical is specialised in orthopaedic robotic innovations and is providing implant choices for surgeons.

THINK Surgical president and CEO said Stuart Simpson said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Dr Sah and Washington Hospital.

“This collaboration between a local technology company and a local hospital in Fremont will help bring an important new technology to patients in the community.

“Together we will make this technology accessible to more surgeons and patients across the United States and around the world.” Hospital Management

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