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X-ray equipment

Agfa Healthcare
Multipurpose & versatile DR all in one solution with possibility of multiple examinations like X-ray, fluoroscopy, tomosynthesis & DSA. AI enabled with smart features like easy stitch & live vision along with dynamic MUSICA image processing for both radiography and fluoroscopy.

Dura-line Detector
DR Retrofit for confidence, workflow & image quality, wireless, high resolution, full field AED detectors that work with virtually any conventional or mobile X-ray equipment. 3 Wi-Fi antennas to provide fast and reliable communication along with 15 hours of battery autonomy.

DX-D 600
High powered ceiling suspended X-ray room with fully automatic positioning. The DX-D 600’s range of innovative, integrated features including full automation, powerful MUSICA image processing software, and high technology detectors, delivers excellent X-ray room performance.

CR 30Xm
A compact, single slot, table-top digitizer that handles both digital mammography and general radiography applications, meets the high level quality demanded for digital mammography.

MARS 2.5
Portable HF X-ray system (2.5 KW), high frequency generator for human and veterinary application.

Spring balanced mobile (SBM) X-ray system (4.2/6 KW ), substantially lower exposure factors due to high frequency, Anatomical Programming Radiography (APR).

Counter balanced / spring balanced mobile (CBM/SBM) X-ray system (15/30 KW).

MARS 15 – 80
Fixed X-ray systems: RAD: 15/30/40/50//65/80 KW, RAD / FLUORO: 40/50/50+/65/80 KW.

100 SR (CBM)
Articulated tube head arms, film density control, anatomical programmed radiography (APR).

MARS 15 – MARS 80
Fixed digital radiography systems, (ceiling suspended / ceiling free / floor to ceiling / floor mounted), 15/30/40/50/65/80 KW.

Digital radiography rystem (mobile), 4.2 KW / 6 KW, auto exposure detection (AED) – no interface required.

Digital radiography system (Mobile), battery powered, motor assisted noise free movements, user friendly touchscreen operating console.

MARS 2.5
Portable digital radiography system (2.5KW).

MARS 65 / MARS 80
Remote controlled digital radiography and fluoroscopy system.

BPL Medical Technologies
HRAD 32/40/50: Series DR2 Prime
32/40/50 KW HF X-ray generator with 40–125 KV range and 400/500/650 mA, equipped with HF X-ray generator and X-ray tube which is mounted on ceiling free stand, a large fixed 17-inch x17-inch CsI latest generation FPD for floating top radiography table & wall bucky DR stand.

X- Rad 300/500
40-125KV, 300mA/500mA line frequency fixed X-ray, 155 anatomical programming features for precise selection of KV & mAs based on patient’s anatomy.

BPL EVS 3643WP/4343WP
Wireless detector with excellent image quality using FOCUS CsI. Lossless AED/AWD.

M-Rad series
35- 5KW output with 40-110KHz high frequency mobile digital radiography solution. Compact & lightweight & superior image quality at low radiation dosage. Ideal for patient wards, intensive care, and operating rooms.

Carestream Health
Focus 35C detector
A highly affordable option to upgrade to wireless DR technology, drastically improve workflow when moving from film or CR processes, less image retakes and recalls due to ability to preview images immediately, all in one solution for scheduling, acquisition, viewing, PACS and reporting, improve patient care; quicker triage, diagnosis and treatment planning with DR technology, available in a total image acquisition and print solution with our print bundle.

Classic CR system with DIRECTVIEW software
Designed to streamline patient throughput, speed workow and increase cost efficiency. The Classic CR handles multiple cassette sizes, making it suitable for small and mid-sized facilities where rapid image availability, high image quality, lower costs and optimal productivity are critical.

Digital Retrofit Solutions for X-ray Rooms and Mobile Systems
DRX-1 system offers an easy way to upgrade X-ray rooms to premium digital performance with a high-performing, wireless detector.

DRX-transportable system/Lite delivers wireless tablet operation, superb digital image quality and it’s shareable across both rooms and mobile systems. DRX-transportable system/Universal mobile upgrades mobile systems from nearly any manufacturer.

X-ray rooms
DRX-Evolution Plus is a modular system and offers new AI-based smart noise cancellation option, DRX-Ascend is economically priced, has exceptional image quality and is scalable and upgradable. DRX-Compass X-ray system has just the right selection of advanced features and options to take workflow to a new level of efficiency.

Fujifilm India
3.5kg weight, portable X-ray device, high image quality, low radiation, scalable as per requirement, user configurable and user friendly.

Fujifilm India (IATOME)
Handheld battery, powered dental X-ray with weight <2.5 KG.

Dental Intra-Oral X-ray with wireless operation and machine diagnostics.

Dental Intra-Oral X-ray with polymer insulation technology.

Cost efficient Dental Intra-Oral X-ray with integrated features.

ALERIO Smart 1600
Portable X-ray, battery operated and <10KG in weight.

ALERIO Smart 2800
Portable X-ray operating from AC mains with battery option.

ALERIO Smart 5000DX
100mA Digital Mobile X-ray with wireless DR detector.

ALERIO Smart 4200SX
100mA Mobile X-ray, highly maneuverable and total weight < 80KG.

ALERIO Maestro 4000
Compact fixed X-ray with single phase power input for small centers.

ALERIO Maestro 8000
8kW fixed X-ray that can work from single phase mains power, ideal for small health center with space and power constraints.

ALERIO Maestro 300i
Powerful 300mA fixed X-ray with rotating anode tube, floating top table and vertical bucky.

Skanray Technologies
Ultra-light mobile HF X-ray, 2.8kW, 200kHz, 60mA with APR, hand-held and integrated console for parameter setting, 90° collimator rotation, tube-head rotation, suitable for NICU, ICU, trauma, ortho, and ambulance.

MicroSkan Ion
Battery-operated version of MicroSkan, providing up to 200 exposures in ideal conditions on full charge, 2.8 kW, 200 kHz, 60 mA with APR, handheld plus integrated console for setting and exposure, tube-head rotation.

Intraskan Digi Plus
Software features include DICOM compliant, easy image transfer & remote analysis; patient records management for easy clinical decision; report & print capability; report sharing via email; images & diagnostics can be shared with the patient on a DICOM compliant CD/DVD; pre-loaded viewing software CD/DVD.

Image functions include zoom glass, zoom & pan torchlight, horizontal & vertical flip; image enhancement & histogram equalization; measurements of line, point & curve; image invert, rotation; 3D colour rendering & bone densitometry indication; and ROI study & image fusion.

MicroSkan DR
Ultra light mobile HF X-ray with DR 2.8kW, 200kHz, 60mA with APR, hand-held and integrated console for parameter setting and exposure control, 90° collimator rotation, tube-head rotation.

200 kHz, 4 kW, 100 mA mobile HF X-ray; draws clean power from mains, negligible leakage radiation, easy to move (<85 kg), ± 90° collimator rotation, suitable for NICU, ICU, trauma, and ortho.

SkanMobile DR
Ultra-light mobile HF DR system, 200 kHz, 4 kW, 100 mA with APR (anatomically programmed radiography), integrated console on tube head, bar-code reader for easy patient data input & storage (optional), near zero leakage radiation, 90° collimator rotation for easy positioning, tube-head rotation for minimal mobility patients.

SkanMobile Digi
200 kHz, 4 kW, 100mA mobile HF X-ray with computed radiography, large touchscreen with intuitive interface, PACS-ready and DICOM compatible images, suitable for NICU, ICU, trauma, and ortho.

32kW HF fixed RAD system, kVp: 40kV-125kV in steps of 1kV, mA: 10mA-400mA in 17 steps, mAs range: 0.32 mAs to 630 mAs in 34 steps, four way floating table, well routed minimal conduit for cables, 10.4-inch LCD touchscreen tube head console, floor/wall mount console with 10.4-inch LCD touchscreen (optional).

SkanRAD 500/630

  • High-frequency Constant Potential (DC) generator using FPGA and microcontroller technology.
  • 40/50 kW high-frequency fixed radiography system.
  • Rotating anode tube with dual focal spots 1.0/2.0mm (RAD500) & 0.6/1.5mm (RAD630) as per IEC 60336.
  • Fully motorized horizontal and vertical tube head movements.
  • Counterbalanced to ease the manual height adjustment of bucky in the chest stand.
  • Dedicated vertical stand bucky for both chest and orthopaedic examinations.
  • 4-way floating table top with ease of movement even for a 200kg patient.
  • Footswitch control for hands-free operation of floating table movement and electromagnetic brakes for safety.
  • Ergonomically routed for minimal conduit/cables.
  • Floor/wall mount console with 10.4-inch touchscreen LCD.
  • Digital goniometer for tube head angular positioning.
  • LED collimator.

SKAN DR 630i
50kW HF generator with flat panel digital radiography platform, kVp Range: 40-150, mA Range: 10-630, 16-bit dynamic range, 100 μm pixel pitch 17×17-inch, CSL flat panel detector.

Surgical Imaging (C-arm) Skan-C
3.5 kW, 100 kHz HF flouro, kVp range: 40-110, mA range: 0.2-10, 1k x 1k imaging, 9-inch triple-field IITV, CAN controlled IRIS collimation, pulse fluoroscopy mode, vascular mode with DSA, trace and roadmap.

Intraskan DC and Intraskan DC plus
Near zero leakage radiation, kV, mA & ms controls, 60-70 kV range in steps of 1kV, 4-8 mA range in steps of 1mA, zero-drift scissor arm, operator console with APR, Intraskan DC with 0.4, 0.5 & 0.8mm focal spot, Intraskan DC Plus with 0.4mm Focal spot.

Other players include Canon, CareRay, Epsilion, Fuji, GE Healthcare, Konica, Kiran, Medion, Prognosis, PZ Medical, Rayence-USA, Samsung, Trivitron, Vision.

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