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64 Lakh Have Benefited From Ayushman So Far

Palliative chemotherapy for cancer, implants for hip fractures and angioplasty, in that order, accounted for the highest number of hospital admissions among the top 10 tertiary care procedures under Ayushman Bharat, data up to the end of last month showed.

In terms of broad categories, heart-related ailments, including bypass surgery and heart attack management, dominated the list of procedures both in terms of the highest average cost per admission and in the total number of admissions. They were followed by oncological and orthopaedic procedures. Neo-natal packages were the only other category among the top 10, which between them accounted for close to 2.8 lakh admissions. As of November 28, 2019, 63.7 lakh beneficiaries had availed of hospitalisation services and almost 20,000 public and private hospitals across India have been empanelled under the scheme.-Times Of India