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Aakash Healthcare forays into a foreign land

New Delhi-based Aakash Healthcare today announced its expansion plans and said it is now all set to foray into a foreign land with the opening of a multi-speciality hospital in Tashkent, Uzbekistan with Indian ethos. Heralding a new era in international healthcare in a CIS country, Aakash Healthcare becomes the first Indian Hospital to open a fully managed hospital with an initial investment of $ 3.5 million in a foreign land.

  • New Delhi-based Aakash Healthcare becomes the first Indian Hospital to open a fully managed hospital in a foreign land; Heralds a new era in CIS Nation with an initial investment of $ 3.5 million
  • Aakash Healthcare LLC has taken over the hospital in Tashkent- Asia Med Centre and it has been renamed as Aakash Healthcare Multispeciality Hospital
  • To build an ecosystem of quality healthcare for Uzbekistan and nearby nations where quality healthcare is underdeveloped, the company plans to invest $ 10 million and create 200 direct jobs in the next three years

Aakash Healthcare is opening first of its kind hospital in the heart of Tashkent, the capital city of Uzbekistan. There are many Indian healthcare players operational in various parts of Uzbekistan, but most are offering OPD and mini-surgeries camps or have limited liability tie-ups with existing local hospitals. For the first time, an operational local hospital has been completely acquired by an affiliate company of Aakash Healthcare, India and it will be run like a fully owned Indian hospital maintaining clinical expertise, world-class physical and clinical infrastructure, skills and ethics as per Indian standards with a focus on Class and Compassion in Care.

Commenting on the new initiative, Dr Aashish Chaudhry, Managing Director, Aakash Healthcare Pvt Ltd. said, “AHPL (India company) has a sister concern or affiliate company Anvika Healthcare; Ankiva Healthcare started a foreign company Aakash Healthcare LLC, which has taken over the hospital in Tashkent as a foreign investment. The company plans to invest $ 10 million and provide 200 direct jobs in the next three years. It is a moment of pride for the Aakash family and the people of Uzbekistan, who often have to travel overseas for their medical treatment.”

The inflow of Uzbek patients to India and especially to New Delhi is increasing exponentially. About 8,000 patients come to New Delhi every year for medical treatments and the approximate market size is the tune of $ 30 Million. Uzbekis have major Liver issues and nearly 15% of the population suffers from Hepatitis B. The majority of patients come to India for complex surgeries like liver transplants, cancer surgeries, Neuro and orthopedic procedures. Major focus of Aakash Healthcare LLC would be on Mother & Child, Orthopaedic and Liver among others.

“We aim to build an ecosystem of quality healthcare for Uzbek and nearby countries where quality healthcare is underdeveloped. We have been planning for this for the last three years and finally, Aakash Healthcare LLC acquired our first overseas hospital, Asia Med Centre, in Tashkent. This is just the beginning, and we will go to other foreign locations in the future. Now, the hospital is renamed as Aakash Healthcare Multispeciality Hospital and will begin its operations formally from November 23, 2022, onwards,” informed Dr Aashish Chaudhry.

The hospital has 50 beds and speciality departments. With a wide spectrum of specialties, including orthopaedics, paediatrics, endocrinology, neurology, internal medicine, physiotherapy, cardiology, gynaecology, urology, general surgery, neurosurgery, ENT, USG, X-ray, Laboratory, Dentistry, Aakash Hospital, Tashken will work according to best global practices with world-class facilities.

Dr Vikramjeet Singh, Vice President of CIS Projects, Aakash Healthcare said, “Opening a new hospital, in a new country, is an arduous task. But the concerted efforts of our team, guidance, and support from the health ministry, investment ministry, and the local administrative departments helped in making this dream a reality.”

The hospital will be inaugurated on Wednesday, 23rd November 2022, at 10:30 AM in the presence of Chief Guest – Inoyatov Amrillo Shodievich, Guest of Honour – Dr JC Chaudhry and Dr Aashish Chaudhry. The leadership and clinical teams from Aakash Healthcare, India and Tashkent will be in attendance.

Sharing his thoughts, Inoyatov Amrillo Shodievich (First Deputy Minister – Ministry of Health, Uzbekistan) said, “I would like to thank Dr JC Chaudhry, under whose guidance the project was executed and Dr Aashish Chaudhry for this decisive step in our journey of improvising and upgrading the healthcare facilities in our country. This hospital will really help Uzbekistan people and set new benchmarks for quality care.”

Aakash Healthcare LLC also intends to train local doctors, surgeons, nursing and support staff with quality healthcare practices, so that over a period of time, local healthcare professionals can work at par with their Indian counterparts. The exchange program for the training of Uzbek staff in India is also very much on the cards.
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