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AI available on GE Healthcare’s automated ultrasound to detect breast cancer

Koios Medical, a developer of artificial intelligence (AI) for early cancer detection and diagnostic accuracy, announced a strategic partnership with GE Healthcare with the launch of the company’s AI software available on GE’s InveniaTM ABUS 2.0 automated whole breast ultrasound scanning system, the only FDA-approved ultrasound supplemental breast screening technology specifically designed for detecting cancer in dense breast tissue.

Koios DS Breast is the only FDA-cleared cancer diagnosis software using AI on breast ultrasound images that works as an on-demand second opinion. The powerful combination gives Invenia ABUS users access to Koios DS AI algorithms trained for ultrasound image interpretation and assessment streamlining clinical workflow while improving clinical accuracy and patient care.

One out of every eight women in the US is expected to contract breast cancer over the course of her lifetime making breast cancer the leading cancer diagnosis in women worldwide. That risk is even greater for the more than 40 percent of women with dense breast tissue that requires automated or traditional ultrasound (or MRI) as a supplement to routine mammograms. Earliest possible detection is critical to increased survival rates while mitigating treatment complexity. Use of AI software in conjunction with ultrasound dramatically expands access to quality care and early diagnosis.

Koios DS BreastTM decision support software is approved and commercially available in the US and internationally integrated within GE’s LOGIQTM E10 Series and LOGIQ P-Series ultrasound system and GE CentricityTM PACS making the addition to the Invenia ABUS 2.0 system an extension of the power of AI broadly across GE’s ultrasound offering.

“Joining forces with the GE ABUS team and the Invenia ABUS 2.0 system now gives patients and physicians the speed, accuracy and peace of mind only made possible by combining AI with whole breast ultrasound. This combination is extremely inspiring. To know patients will experience fewer missed cancers and less avoidable procedures not to mention eliminating the anxiety imposed on women and their families from the millions of ‘false alarms’ every year motivates the Koios Medical team to continue innovating and integrating” says Koios Medical’s CEO Chad McClennan.

Advantages of this powerful combination include rapid and accurate diagnostic performance improving cancer detection rates, especially on women with dense breast tissue. Koios DS Breast, or Smart Ultrasound™, used in conjunction with Invenia ABUS 2.0 simultaneously reduces false positive interpretations resulting in fewer patient callbacks, less benign biopsy procedures and relieving patient stress while mitigating costly out of pocket expenses.

Koios DS Breast AI software was trained on nearly one million ultrasound images of both malignant and benign breast lesions from sources around the world to improve physician diagnostic accuracy. The system generates a likelihood of malignancy finding aligned to both the American College of Radiology’s BI-RADS rating schema and the European rating systems.

“GE Healthcare is dedicated to being at the forefront of innovation in breast ultrasound and our collaboration with Koios Medical is another great milestone building upon that commitment. This is one of the most advanced clinical decision support tools available to clinicians worldwide to assist and ultimately improve cancer detection within a streamlined workflow and by offering this on both our LOGIQ and Invenia ABUS ultrasound systems, we aim to improve outcomes for clinicians and their patients,” said Brian McEathron, Vice President, General Imaging Ultrasound at GE Healthcare.

Koios is a partner in GE Healthcare’s Edison Developer Program, a dynamic ecosystem which helps innovators deliver advanced healthcare applications, integrate products, and drive commercial growth. Designed for its Edison platform, the program offers services to help developers build better models for clinical, operational or financial improvements. Applications developed using Edison can be quickly and securely deployed in the cloud, on premise (e.g.,via GE Healthcare’s Edison HealthLink appliance), or directly onto smart imaging devices.

“Koios Medical will continue building on our initial success combining AI with ultrasound. Invenia ABUS 2.0 enables a reduction in image acquisition variability while the Koios Smart Ultrasound AI software augments performance further by reducing physician interpretation variability, increasing overall accuracy and speed. Now with a new CPT category 3 billing code effective this January, ultrasound, as a modality, is poised to dramatically expand adoption and clinical impact with the power of this new combination of AI with the Invenia ABUS 2.0 system.” says Koios Medical CEO Chad McClennan.

The GE Invenia 2.0 ABUS system is currently deployed at hundreds of facilities around the world and the Koios DS Breast “Smart Ultrasound” software has already been activated in dozens of practices and healthcare institutions across the US, Middle East, Europe, and South America since expanding internationally early in 2021. EIN Presswire

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