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AI driven 360-degree digital health platform

During COVID pandemic situation, people were afraid to visit the diagnostic centers due to infection issues; senior citizens and children were not able to move to the hospitals/diagnostic centers; patients were not able to visit healthcare facilities due to non-availability of transportation from remote locations, doctors, and patients were afraid to interact with each other. AI driven digital health platform will help us to address all this situations and help the needy people during these difficult times.

AI driven 360-degree digital health platform will help in creating a seamless pathway between consumers and our network of doctors/diagnostic centers/pharmacies and enable the service providers to reach out to consumers without any geographical restrictions and thus help in efficient and faster delivery of services to target consumers. This AI platform helps to understand consumers all through their life stages, helping them to manage their fitness, wellness, and illness effectively and efficiently, all through the life stages of the consumers. This digital health platform will enable the service providers to become an integral part of every consumer’s life as a digital family physician.

Today major concern in tier II and tier III locations in India is quality healthcare with faster TAT results. Using this digital health platform we will be able to reach consumers digitally, which will help connect to senior and expert doctors through video consultations, serving digital prescriptions for all the diagnostic and pharmacy needs of consumers.

In every individual’s life, 98 percent of the life span is specthealthy or having borderline symptoms. This digital health platform help us to be part of their 98 percent of lifetime also in providing the customized fitness plans, customized diet plans, health tips, customized health packages, health supplements delivery, home sample collection, health calendar reminders for fitness and diet plans, etc.

Using digital health platform one is able to connect to each and every individual in all the remote locations in each district for providing quality healthcare.

Digital health platform will help the hospitals to reduce the OP revenue leakages from the diagnostics and pharmacies. It will help to enhance the revenues from the post discharge patients in meeting their home collection requirements for diagnostics and pharmacy deliveries.

AI and machine learning tools embedded in this platform help us to give proper predictive analysis and guide consumers for the proper doctor consultations and proper tests and health packages execution. This digital platform also enables cross-leverage the services offered by associates and hospital partners, who eventually can give new revenues for consumers, which will compensate for the loss in revenues due to COVID pandemic.

At Megsan, we have implemented AI driven 360-degree healthcare services, which helped us in meeting the COVID pandemic client requirements and compensate the revenue drop due to COVID pandemic situation.

Going forward, Megsan Diagnostics with its unique quality and faster TAT as focus would like to establish 500 pharmacies, 100 regional processing labs, manage 50 hospitals for lab, radiology, and pharmacy services, manage 100 diagnostics outlets, and serve almost 5000 B2B collection centers in India. Megsan is in the right direction to make healthcare more affordable and accessible and bring a smile to millions of consumers using digital platform.

The author is COO, Megsan Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd.

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