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AiMeD Applauds DIPP on Establishing the Much Awaited National Medical Devices Promotion Council

Rajiv Nath, Forum Coordinator, Association of Indian Medical Device Industry (AiMeD) applauded and thanked DIPP (Dept of Industry Policy and Promotion) for the great initiative of the creation of much needed National Medical Devices Promotion Council which will provide an impetus and boost Indian medical devices manufacturing industry and support the Make in India impetus for medical devices in India. Suresh Prabhu, Minister of Commerce and Industry officially announced the establishment of the National Medical Devices Promotion Council at World Health Organization’s global conference on medical devices in Visakhapatnam. He also announced establishing a Medical Devices Design Center and assured as exports picks up we will also establish a Medical Devices Exports Promotion Council. The elated Rajiv Nath said “We are delighted that DIPP (Dept of Industry Policy and Promotion) has decided to strengthen the Indian medical devices sector by facilitating domestic manufacturers to rise to international level and discouraging unfair trade practices in import and lead India to an export driven market in the sector by enabling the establishment of a National Medical Devices Promotion Council. AiMeD  had been seeking this for quite some time and the timing is very perfect considering the WHO Global Conference on medical devices being hosted by India from Dec 13-15, 2018 at Vishakhpatnam.”

It’s been more than thirteen years since a direction was given to the Indian health authorities to have a comprehensive framework for medical devices. Such concerns recently got amplified on a global scale following an investigation into medical devices by media entities. The reportage revealed the opaqueness around this industry. “We do acknowledge the role played by the various news articles in last few days that has helped to bring focus to this long neglected Indian medical devices sector and help accelerate the process of establishing Medical Devices Development Council by DIPP. We wholeheartedly thank Secretary DIPP, Ramesh Abhishek for responding to the needs of Indian Medical Devices industry” Added Nath. Nath also said “We are also most grateful to AMTZ- Andhra Pradesh MedTech Zone and Andhra Pradesh Govt. led by the leadership of Chandra Babu Naidu for offering to host the prestigious WHO Global Conference on Medical Devices.”

The Prime objectives of the National Medical Devices Promotion Council are:

  • Act as a facilitating and promotion and developmental body for the Indian medical devices industry.
  • Hold periodic seminars, workshops to deliberate on various parameters for inclusion in the industrial and trade policies in medical devices.
  • Identify redundant processes and render technical assistance to the agencies/departments concerned in order to simplify the approval processes involved in medical device industry promotion and development.
  • Enable entry of emerging interventions and support certifications for manufacturers to reach levels of global trade norms and lead India to an export driven market in the sector.
  • Support dissemination and documentation of international norms and standards for medical devices, by capturing the best practices in the global market and facilitate domestic manufacturers to rise to international level of understanding of regulatory and non-regulatory needs of the industry.
  • Drive a robust and dynamic Preferential Market Access  (PMA) policy, by identifying the strengths of the Indian manufacturers and discouraging unfair trade practices in import; while ensuring pro-active monitoring of public procurement notices across Indian to ensure compliance with PMA guidelines of DIPP/DoP.
  • Undertake validation of Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) and other such entities within MDI sector, which add value to the industry strength in manufacturing to gain foothold for new entrants.
  • Make recommendations to government based on industry feedback and global practices on policy and process interventions to strengthen the medical technology sector including trade interventions for related markets.

Nath further pointed out that the way Pharmaceutical Export Promotion Council of India (Pharmexcil) was successful in promoting the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry, we are similarly hopeful that Medical Devices Development Council will help realize our vision for India to be among the top 5 medical devices manufacturing hubs worldwide as the Council will spearhead the policy needs to accelerate the manufacturing of medical devices in India and end the 70-90 percent import dependence forced upon us and an import bill of over Rs 31, 000 crore. The Indian market at retail and institutional level is estimated to be at over Rs 70,000 crore (10 Billion USD). “We are glad government is taking serious steps to make India a global robust hub for medical devices manufacturing and fulfilling government’s ambitious mission of making quality healthcare affordable for common masses” concluded Rajiv Nath. – Medical Buyer Bureau

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