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Altysys appoints Arjun Malhotra as chairman of advisory board

Altysys, a rapidly growing data and cloud-first startup with deep expertise in the healthcare IT consulting and services ecosystem, has appointed Arjun Malhotra as the Chairman of its advisory board.

Arjun Malhotra has been a prominent figure in the Indian IT entrepreneurial scene. He is widely renowned for his instrumental role in co-founding the HCL Group, way back in 1975. After an illustrious career in HCL, he went on to successfully build and exit companies such as TechSpan and Headstrong. Arjun’s wisdom has helped in building several organizations worldwide as well as eminent institutions, such as ISB, Hyderabad and IIT (Kharagpur) Foundation. His contributions to the Indian IT industry were recognized with several distinguished awards, including the Albert Einstein Technology Medal in 2001 and the DQ Lifetime Achievement Award in 2018.

“I am extremely excited and honored to have joined Altysys as the Chairman of the advisory board. Altysys has the potential for rapid growth and innovation. Together, we shall drive innovation, foster digital solutions, and prioritize data security, all with a steadfast dedication to improving patient outcomes and shaping the future of healthcare,” said Arjun.

Overjoyed at sharing the news, Abhinav Mishra, the CEO of Altysys said, “We are absolutely thrilled that Arjun has agreed to chair our advisory board. His vast expertise will undoubtedly steer Altysys towards unprecedented growth and success. With his guidance, we are poised to revolutionize healthcare technology services and deliver innovative solutions that will transform the industry and positively impact countless lives.”

Altysys, under the guidance of Arjun Malhotra, will be aiming for the next orbit of growth. The company is already growing exponentially as it serves multiple clients from the healthcare and insurance industries to facilitate their data, AI/ML and cloud initiatives, improving patients’ and HCPs’ outcomes.
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