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Shimadzu releases LabSolutions Sync

Labor-saving and automation initiatives in laboratories continue to advance each year. To reduce costs even further, it is important not just to reduce instrument analysis times and pretreatment times individually, but to automate the workflow in its entirety. LabSolutions Sync synchronizes third-party software for pretreatment units with LabSolutions Realtime Batch and status information, enabling automation of systems, including pretreatment units. As a result, the entire laboratory workflow can be automated, leading to overall labor savings and cost reductions.


  • Synchronization with third-party pretreatment instruments enabling automatic execution of LC and LC-MS analysis

    When a batch file, a binary file or a text file, is put in the monitoring folder, LabSolutions automatically starts batch analysis. Folder monitoring can also be turned ON and OFF from a third-party software.

  • Monitor instrument status from third-party software

    LabSolutions status and instrument status can be output in a text file.

    LabSolutions status can be viewed from a third-party software allowing appropriate control of the system.

  • Automatic output of data analysis result

    Data analysis results can be automatically output to a text file so that the results can be directly imported into third-party software.

    In addition, the report PDF files can also be automatically produced by LabSolutions batch analysis and directly imported into third-party software.

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