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Amarinder Singh Removes Curbs on Sale of Syringes in Punjab

Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh on Monday revoked the ban on the sale of syringes without a prescription. The Chief Minister’s Office has directed deputy commissioners across the state to issue orders to chemists to prepare an inventory of syringes and keep a record of their sale and the customers sold to. “We do not know why the respective Deputy Commissioners issued such ban orders. There was no direction from the state government. We will amend it,” said a functionary.

The CM’s latest order comes in the wake of criticism from all quarters, especially health experts, who said that sexually transmitted diseases like HIV could spread through the sharing of syringes among drug users, besides causing harassment to several patients who depend on injections on daily basis. Punjab Health Minister Brahm Mohindra is also among those who are against the ban. After holding a review meeting on drugs, the chief minister will issue detailed guidelines on the sale of syringes to all Deputy Commissioners. – Indian Express

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