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ANSSI Wellness opens non-surgical spine clinic in Mumbai

ANSSI Wellness announced the launch of its new state-of-the-art clinic in Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai. This significant expansion brings the total number of ANSSI Wellness clinics to 17, spanning across major Indian cities and Dubai, solidifying its commitment to providing top-tier spine care services.

Expansion reflecting demand for specialized spine care in Mumbai
Founder of ANSSI Wellness, Dinesh Dalvi, expressed his enthusiasm for the expansion: “Mumbai, a bustling metropolis, has shown an increasing need for specialized spine care. On an average, over 100 patients visit our clinics all across Mumbai with major and minor spine related issues. Our expansion with the clinic in Powai is a response to this demand, reinforcing our commitment to providing accessible and effective spine treatment solutions.”

The new clinics, strategically located in Hiranandani Gardens, Powai caters to the diverse population of Mumbai, offering a blend of advanced technology and personalized care. These facilities underscore the brand’s ethos of delivering non-invasive, patient-centric treatment for back and neck pain.

Mumbai’s rising spinal health concerns
Dr Pawan Jadhav, a lead physician at ANSSI Wellness, shed light on the spine health challenges in Mumbai: “Our clinics in Mumbai handle over a hundred queries daily regarding back and neck pain treatments. The primary patients are young professionals with sedentary jobs, spending long hours in front of computers, suffering from text neck syndrome, insufficient sunlight exposure, obesity, and poor posture. 50% of patients coming to our clinics have been recommended surgery for their condition and our goal is to offer a holistic approach to spine care, focusing on non-surgical methods that have proven effective for thousands of our patients.”

A journey of healing and innovation
Dinesh Dalvi shared the journey of ANSSI Wellness: “Our journey began in 2012 with a vision to offer a non-surgical solution to chronic back pain. Partnering with Dr Joseph Cammarata, a renowned medical professional with over 30 years of experience in spine care, we brought this revolutionary technology to India and were successful in opening our first clinic in Mumbai in 2019. Our last five clinics have come into existence in just last two months. The institution today has become a beacon of hope for over 5000+ patients, successfully treating a range of spinal disorders with its clinically proven non-surgical spinal decompression technology.”

Plans for the future
ANSSI Wellness is not just expanding its physical footprint but also focusing on continuous innovation in spine health solutions. The organization is set on a path to further revolutionize back and neck pain treatment, making it more accessible and effective to all India. The company has a plan to reach a milestone of 100 clinics in India.

With its recent expansion in Mumbai, ANSSI Wellness is poised to make a more significant impact on the local community. The organization continues to focus on its mission of providing a non-invasive, holistic approach to spine care, ensuring a better quality of life for its patients.

Special offer for essential service members
In recognition of the tireless and often underappreciated efforts of those who serve in essential services i.e. journalists, police & defence personnel and municipal workers– ANSSI Wellness wishes to express its gratitude in a meaningful way by offering a flat discount of 50 per cent on all their treatments. These individuals are the backbone of the society, often putting their well-being on the line for the safety, security, and functioning of the communities.

Understanding the physical demands and stresses of these professions, which can often lead to back and neck issues, ANSSI Wellness is excited to announce this special offer exclusive to these brave men and women. This initiative is their way of giving back to those who dedicate their lives to serving the community and nation.

ANSSI Wellness believes that access to quality healthcare, especially for those who endure high levels of physical strain and stress in their daily jobs, is not just a necessity but also a right. It is their hope that through this offer, they can contribute to their well-being, ensuring that these vital members of the society can lead healthier, pain-free lives.
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