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Apollo Cradle launches eNICU to improve neonatal care in India

Apollo Cradle, a hospital network for women and children, has unveiled its e-neonatal intensive care unit (eNICU) with advanced technology to improve neonatal care capabilities in India. Through the eNICU, Apollo Cradle specialists will now be able to monitor minute details including medication levels, nutrition, feeding pattern, calorie, and growth charts of babies, whilst in the hospital and also remotely. The eNICU at Apollo Cradle will enable the care of babies that is difficult in most other hospitals. It will help doctors and medical officials monitor each baby from a central location.

The real-time monitoring of pre-term babies, with complete digital records will improve clinical outcomes and provide world-class treatment in India. The cloud-based system also manages doctor’s workflow, nursing workflow, and resident doctor handovers. Apollo Cradle offers maternity, gynecology, neonatal, and in-vitro fertilization services in Delhi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Amritsar.