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Apollo Hospitals: Powered By Proton

Suneeta Reddy is a name that carries considerable heft in the healthcare sector in India. The 59-year-old managing director of Apollo Hospitals Enterprise, along with her three sisters, has transformed a 180-bed hospital,started by her father in 1983 in Chennai, into the largest hospital chain operator in the country.

Reddy joined Apollo in 1989. Her Financial acumen made her spearhead the finance and strategy divisions of the hospital chain. Despite operating in a highly competitive and regulated industry, she has managed to grow the group’s revenues. She was ranked No.3 on Fortune India’s Most Powerful Women in business list last year. With over 10,000 beds across 70 hospitals, Apollo now has a presence in India, Oman, and Bangladesh.

Besides hospitals, the group has also expanded into pharmacy stores, diagnostic centres, clinics, and telemedicine units.In January, Apollo opened a proton therapy centre in Chennai, the first in South Asia, with an investment of ₹1,300 crore, making India the 16th country in the world to offer proton therapy for cancer care. In an interview with Fortune India, Reddy talks about the centre, its expansion plans, and the group’s focus on the latest offerings in cancer treatment. – Fortune India

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