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Board of Fortis Healthcare Decides to Defer Approval of Financial Results

Fortis Healthcare announced that the internal investigation conducted by Luthra and Luthra Law Offices, as initiated by the Audit and Risk Management Committee, has been completed and their report was made available on 08 June 2018. The same was duly placed before the Audit and Risk Management Committee and the Board at their meetings held today. The Report has been shared with the statutory auditors and is being submitted to SEBI and SFIO forthwith. In light of the above, the completion of the audit and accounts will require additional time to consider the aspects of the report comprehensively in the financial accounts. Accordingly, the Board at its meeting held today, decided to defer the approval of the quarterly and annual financial results for the period ended 31 March 2018. The date for the approval of the said accounts will be 25 June 2018. – Business Standard


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