• Automating All Hospital Workflows

    Automating All Hospital Workflows

    Rapid development in healthcare infrastructure coupled with factors, such as rising investments in medical policies, are forcing hospitals to adopt effective and safe hospital information systems to sustain the consistency…Read More

  • Overcoming EMR Challenges

    Overcoming EMR Challenges

    Gone are the days of running down to a dank basement to find a stack of paper files when someone comes through the doors of a physician’s office. Electronic medical…Read More

  • Essence of HMIS in Hospital Functioning

    Essence of HMIS in Hospital Functioning

    With huge investments being made in tertiary care, India’s health sector is expected to double in revenues to USD 280 billion by 2020; and this growth will be largely facilitated…Read More

  • 2017 and Beyond

    2017 and Beyond

    By using big data technology along with machine learning and artificial intelligence, healthcare industry can make accurate decisions, significantly improve operating efficiencies, and do away with unwanted costs. Recent advancements…Read More

  • AI: The Next Digital Frontier

    AI: The Next Digital Frontier

    Unlike legacy technologies that are only algorithms and tools that complement a human, health AI today can truly augment human activity taking over tasks that range from medical imaging to…Read More

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