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Challenge for India is to sustain 8-9% growth for three decades

India has done extremely well on the vaccination front and the challenge for the country is to grow 8-9 percent over the next three decades, Niti Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant said on Tuesday.

Addressing an event organised by Public Affairs Forum of India (PAFI), Kant further said that rise in per capita income of India is critical for removing poverty in the country.

“We bounced back post-Covid-19, and have done extremely well on vaccination, next year as well we will grow. The challenge (for India) is to sustain high growth of 8-9 percent over the next three decades,” he said.

According to Kant, the government’s role should be in public policy and the policy should create wealth through the private sector. “The government should be in education, health and nutrition,” he said. According to Kant, it is important for Indian manufacturers to penetrate global markets and value chains.

He said without technological leapfrogging, it will be difficult for India to grow at high rates. The NITI Aayog CEO said India is climatically-blessed and it is an opportunity to use renewable energy. PTI

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