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Charting a healthier tomorrow – Pioneering a vision for dermal replacement

In our ever-evolving world, healthcare remains a crucial and dynamic sector. Amidst this ever-changing landscape, we started to commercialize MatriDerm® in India in 2021. MatriDerm® is a brand of MedSkin Solutions Dr Suwelack AG, a company headquartered in Billerbeck, Germany, involved in manufacturing of biological products that support tissue restoration, regeneration, and skin care. In India, MedSkin Solutions Dr Suwelack AG has established a liaison office, and commercial responsibility rests with our national distributor, GRH.

Our flagship product, MatriDerm®, is an open porous acellular dermal matrix, with no chemical cross linking. It uniquely combines collagen and elastin to serve as a dermal replacement scaffold for reconstructing complex wounds, including burns, trauma, and chronic wounds, such as diabetic foot ulcers and venous leg ulcers. Thanks to our Advanced CryoSafe® method used in the manufacturing of MatriDerm®, we can preserve properties closely resembling the human dermis. MatriDerm® supports faster revascularization of grafts, cell invasion, elongation, and proliferation, while limiting myofibroblast formation – the cells responsible for wound contraction and scarring – leading to improved patient outcomes. MatriDerm® offers surgeons the opportunity to support their patients better with superior functional and aesthetic outcomes, and to the hospitals to save cost, reducing the length of stay, and the surgical operations.

At MedSkin Solutions Dr Suwelack AG, we recognize the uniqueness of every individual and strive to provide tailored care. With an extensive experience in the biologics market, and in the field of tissue regeneration, we are able to deploy novel techniques like bio fabrication, 3D printing, and nanotechnology. This, combined with the valuable insights provided by our key customers regarding their needs, enables us to create dermal matrices that assist them to support their patients more effectively during medical procedures, resulting in improved outcomes and an enhanced quality of life.

In India, our strong business and value model, implemented over the past two years since our launch, coupled with our focus on education and awareness, has allowed MatriDerm® to carve out its own niche. This success is attributed to innovation, quality, trust, and the dedicated efforts of our team members. The team takes great pride in their work, and is always striving to produce the highest quality work possible with the customers. This spirit has earned us a reputation for excellence, and it has helped us to attract, retain and engage with a loyal customer base. As we look back and reflect, it fills us with immense pride that MatriDerm® not only emerged as a proven brand in the Indian market for acellular dermal matrices, but also that our business and team has grown manifold since the launch. The brand MatriDerm® has been able to create a mark for itself in the industry and has been recognised at various forums for the work done, this development is a validation of the team’s efforts, and a reminder that we are on right track and encourage us to keep looking for new ways innovatively to support our customers and their patients in a meaningful way.

As commercial healthcare continues to evolve, it is essential that we do not lose sight of our human essence. Considering that our vision is deep rooted in empathy and patient-centric care, our vision for MatriDerm® in India is to build it in a way that it is accessible to maximum number of caregivers, instrumental in complex wound reconstruction, and through them to the patients who would benefit from its utilization on their deep wounds. The idea is that our customer, the surgeons achieve path-breaking patient outcomes. In the process, we learn and bring these learnings to our labs in Germany and deploy latest techniques and sustainable practices to develop and introduce newer solutions that support the evolving landscape of tissue regeneration and restoration. It is time to rethink the use of conventional methods and embrace a new era of innovative, and transformative medical care that is powered by cutting-edge advancements to cater to unique needs, that leads to customer satisfaction above everything else.

It is humbling to witness the confidence our customers have placed in us through this journey. We are grateful for their support and trust. Our distributors GRH deserve a special mention here for their focus, alignment and dedication to the business that has immense contribution to our achievements in the country till date. They have assembled an impactful, engaged, and aligned team that has taken the necessary actions to turn the MatriDerm® vision into a reality.

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