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In Vitro Diagnostics

Clinical information management tools

Beckman Coulter
REMISOL Advance†
Middleware solution which bridges the gap between LIS and instrumentation, providing real-time insights into operations to improve laboratory efficiencies.

DxONE* Suite
The DxONE* portfolio empowers laboratories to optimize workflow, standardize processes, streamline inventory and enable data to elevate healthcare.

Remote service tool that helps to improve your laboratory system uptime at no additional cost.

Liquid Handling Systems
The PS-10 is Sysmex’s response to the increasing demands and declining resources that today’s clinical flow cytometry laboratories are facing. This new sample preparation system offers an intelligent automation solution that delivers increased efficiency and flexibility for complex and routine flow cytometry applications. The PS-10 automates antibody cocktailing and sample preparation using an onboard selection of antibody and lyse or fixation reagents. By automating many manual steps, it frees up the time of laboratory staff for other tasks.

J. Mitra & Co.
Rapid, visual, and differential detection of HIV-1 and HIV-2 antibodies by flow through technology; 100 percent sensitivity and 100 percent specificity as per WHO evaluation.

4th generation test in rapid and visual detection of HCV antibodies by flow through technology; 100 percent sensitivity and 98.9 percent specificity.

INDO-MEDX – Diagnostic division of INDO-MIM
Immuno Fluorescence. AuraFIA
AuraFIA is a rapid, quantitative, automatic in-vitro diagnostic instrument that tests quantitative items such as cardiac markers, inflammation, hormone, diabetes, etc.

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