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In Vitro Diagnostics


Mispa i2
Smart card calibration. 25 parameters available. Patented unique channel shifting technology.

Mispa i3
Patented unique channel shifting technology. Prefilled cartridges available, which gives better reagent stability.

Immunoshop India
Fully automated protein analyzer with 100 test/hour throughput.

Single cartridge based protein analyzer.

FA 160
POCT flourescent rapid card reader.

ELISA Reader and Washer
ELISA plate reader and washer.

ELISA Processors
2 plate and 4 plate ELISA processor, Blot and IFA processor and analyzer.

Immunoblot/line immunoassay kits for ANA testing with 17 antigens, autoimmune liver disorders, autoimmune gastrointestinal disorders.

LAL tests
Fungal Beta D Glucan test and bacterial endotoxin detection.

ELISA kits
Autoimmune, endocrinology, infectious like hepatitis, ToRCH diagnostics testing kits; cost saving and flexible.

Immunoflorescence Slides
Autoimmunity immunofluorescence (IFA) range; automation friendly; easy handling; vacuum sealed slides for long shelf life.

Motic IFA Microscope
Dual microscope for IFA & bright field available with or withoout camera option.

Rapid card tests
For fever profile and Anti-CCP Ab testing.

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