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Delhi govt. provided over 60,000 oximeters to COVID patients in city

The Delhi government has so far provided 60,042 oximeters to home quarantined COVID-19 patients in the city to help them check their oxygen levels, according to official figures.

The Arvind Kejriwal government had in June announced to provide oximeters to the COVID-19 patients in home isolation with no symptoms or mild symptoms of the disease and facing breathing problems due to low oxygen levels.

“It was started with a view to be able to provide treatment and shift any such patients to hospital for medical care. Thousands of oximeters distributed by the government have saved many lives of patients in home isolation,” a senior government official said.

According to the latest government figures, a total of 60,042 oximeters have been distributed among COVID-19 patients spread across 11 districts. Most of the oximeters were provided to patients in West (7,504), Central (7,050), South West(6,953), North West (6,656) and East (5,925) districts. – PTI