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MedTech 2023

Dialysis equipment

Advanced Infusion System Products
Syringe pump with system connectivity, pump, safety IV catheter, and closed infusion system.

Peritoneal Dialysis Products
Peritoneal Dialysate, manually connected peritoneal dialysate exchange system, sterile tubing welder, automated peritoneal dialysis (APD) system.

Trivitron Healthcare
Hemodialysis machine: DBB27
Asia Version (NIKKISO Japan): Sleek design, 12.1-inch color touchscreen with appx. million touches life time, technician friendly user set parameters in the screen, acetate and bicarb facility, conductivity profiling, continuous UF monitoring to achieve dialysis accuracy, battery backup for blood pump, dialysate flow 300-700ml/min with 1ml adjustments, power saving mode, low cost maintenance, BPM with bio-feedback signal (optional).

BPL Medical Technologies
BreatheEzee N3
Can be used for adults and kids for an easy and comfortable experience. A nebulization rate of 0.25ml/min to 0.5ml/min and a particle size of 3.15 µm. Produces noise less than 55DB (A).

BreatheEzee N8
Ensures powerful nebulization combined with a SHORT, efficient inhalation time & delivery minimal noise operation.

BreatheEzee N2O
A portable pocket size vibrating mesh nebulizer, ensures powerful nebulization with high output of fine particles on the go.

Medsource Ozone
Ozocheck Premia
High quality nebulizer with adult and child masks and inbuilt compartment for accessories.

Dial Ezee (13472-13476)
HD with SLED & variable dialysate flow; UF & sodium profiling; double conductivity & temperature safety monitoring.

Haem-O-Flux (90365-90478)
Ultra smooth PU cut surface with uniform pore size; higher solute & hydraulic permeability; high biocompatility; removes wide range of uremic toxins; High endotoxin retention capability; PES/PS membrane.

Haem-O-Line (70155-70182)
Soft & kink resistant medical grade tubing; PVC/DEHP free; guarded access ports in arterial & venous line; variants: pre & post pump.

A.V. Fistula Needles (91030- 91032)
Ultra siliconized thin walled needle; Causes less trauma; flexible butterfly wings: for proper fixation; needle with back eye: provides good blood flow.

Other players include Baxter, B Braun, Fresenius Medical, Gambro, Ion Exchange, Sandor Medicaids, Span Healthcare, Terumo and Trivitron.

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