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Infusion pumps

Also PCA option for pain management and compatible with all IV set.

SYRU 4004
Compatible with all IV set and has safety alarms.

SYRU 6006
Equipped with dose error reduction systems and has PCA option for pain management.

Has drop sensor to ensure the accurate flow.

Allied Medical
3.5-inch TFT touchscreen, Eight operating modes; 11 adjustable, occlusion pressure settings; 2000 event logs.

3.5-inch TFT touchscreen, eight operating modes; 11 adjustable, occlusion pressure settings; 2000 event logs.

BD India
Alaris™ Enteral Syringe Pump
Designed to delivery nutrition efficiently recognises a wide range of enteral syringes.

Alaris™ PK Plus Syringe Pump
Provides flexibility with TCI, TIVA and continuous infusion modes.

BPL Medical Technologies
Acura S1
Syringe pump. Infusion modes, rate mode, time mode and drug/weight mode & in built drug library.

Acura V1
Volumetric pump. Dual bolus modes, manual & automatic bolus.

Mindray Medical
BeneFusion 1 Series Infusion Pump
Compact design with handle; light weight for easy transport; single infusion mode, 2.5-inch LCD screen; provides important information on one page.

BeneFusion 3 Series Infusion Pump
One hand operation and intuitive keypad; compact and light weight design; long runtime battery, 3-inch monocrome screen, 4 methods of volume collection data; Drug name and history record.

BeneFusion eSP TCI
Anesthesia syringe pump; advanced solution for intravenous anesthesia; combines ease of use and advanced safety feature as well as powerful anesthesia functions in one single pump, making intravenous anesthesia much safer and easier. Supports TCI/TIVA mode and multimode application.

BeneFusion eSP PCA
Patient control analgesia for pain management. Available in PCA mode and multi mode application. PCA. Four different modes with contiounous Infusion +PCA Bolus; loading dose with PCA Bolus; single PCA Bolus etc.

u Series Infusion Pump
One hand operation; compact and light-weight, 3.5-inch color capactive touchscreen display, Drug name and history record.

BeneFusion e Series High-End Infusion Pump
Smooth touch operation with 3.5-inch colored capactive touchscreen, Drug library up to 5000 drugs, 30 categories support color coding drug names; history record up to 3500, multi infusion modes.

Nidek Medical India
Terra Infusion Pump
Transportable, suitable for dispensing liquids in infusion therapy.

Luna syringe pump
Front loading type pump. Offers unparalleled ease of use.

Poly Medicure
Autofusion IV set
Advance IV infusion set with auto air stop & priming filter.

Skanray Technologies
floSKAN 2000
Multiple infusion modes and anti-bolus; Accurate transmission mechanism; Supports multi-brand syringes; Compatible with 10, 20, 30, and 50 (60) ml ml syringes; large speed range; built-in drug library; safety design to aid in monitoring infusion status; backup power for minimum of 8 hours.

floSKAN 3000
With 3.5-inch backlit color LCD touchscreen; multiple infusion modes & 11 occlusion levels; accurate transmission mechanism; supports syringes of all standard brands; auto-detection of syringe sizes, 5, 10, 20, 30, and 50 (60) ml; large speed range; built-in drug library (1000 drugs); backup power.

Compact and light-weight, supports all standard disposable IV sets; multiple occlusion levels and pressure display; multiple infusion modes and anti bolus; maximum infusion rate up to 1200ml/h; Intuitive touchscreen display with night mode; pole mountable; backup power up to 5 hours.

Has curvilinear peristaltic pumping mechanism with built-in thermostat: anti-free-flow function, applicable for adult, paediatrics and neonates, real-time display of infused volume / bolus rate / bolus volume /KVO rate.

Intrafuse Grand
Has electric door & electric anti-free flow clip and up & down pressure sensor. Anti-free-flow clip, reliable, precise and guarantee accurate flow rates, records more than 5000 logs, Ip24 waterproof.

Delivers precise flow compatible with disposable syringes from 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml, and 60ml with the different modes. Stackable, 7 hours battery backup, microflow rate and wireless data transmission.

Other leading players are B Braun, Baxter, BD, Medtronic, Roche, Smith Medical and Terumo Corp.

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