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ECHELON SMART from Fujifilm India Pvt Ltd

The organs and internal structures of your body can be seen in stunning clarity through an MRI scan, a painless procedure. When a person needs frequent imaging for diagnosis or treatment monitoring, particularly of the brain, spine, MSK etc., MRI is the imaging test of choice because it does not use x-rays or other radiation. These precise images are created using a big magnet, radio waves, and a computer.

MRI has many benefits for both patients and medical professionals. However, a lot of patients connect this test with the jarring noises they hear inside the MRI machine.

REiLI is the new future of medical imaging led by Fujifilm with AI technology. REiLI empowers medical professionals and patients to revolutionize the medical journey with the technology orchestrating the knowledge of physicians and the AI engineers.

Echelon Smart latest developments
Acoustic noise reduction. Fujifilm’s SoftSound noise reduction technology reduces the acoustic noise by up to 96 percent maintaining image quality and scan time, and without any dedicated hardware. IP-RAPID can be used along with SoftSound.

Lower operating cost. ECHELON Smart is equipped with SmartECO, an energy saving function that can stop the cooling system for a certain length of time during periods of non-use. This function effectively reduces the power consumption while maintaining zero boiling off of the helium. A compact scan room with MRI unit with less heat discharge also reduces the air conditioning requirements of the examination and equipment rooms. The energy saving function together with the reduction of heat discharge can reduce running costs by 17 percent.

Higher RF strength. Powerful RF output contributes to stable RF transmission. ECHELON Smart is equipped with an RF power output of 18 kW, This is sufficient to provide clear images without deterioration of image quality. even in the FSE sequence that applies refocus pulses continuously and offers robust fat suppression.

“SynergyDrive” offers various functions and applications applications to simplify the series of operation procedures from entering and leaving the examination room to shorten
examination time by upto 64 percent.

IP-RAPID. A new technology that can reduce scan time while maintaining image quality by optimizing and combining undersampling and iterative reconstruction, it can be combined with various regions and functions. SNR and spatial resolution can also be improved while maintaining the scan time.

AutoExam. Positioning, imaging and post-processing are all completed in one step. The examination time is shortened by simplifying operations.

AutoPose. The new Scanogram function allows information to be displayed rapidly on cross-sectional areas of regions for operators.

High speed prescan. Prescan, which is performed as a preparatory procedure is also enhanced by reducing the time before the main scan.

AutoClip. Digital image processing function that automatically creates clipping images of head MRA images.

With the help of REiLI platform, Fujifilm has developed AI embedded reconstruction features i.e., REALISE Plus which works in combination with IP Rapid technology. Echelon Smart can realize more accelerating speed or more improved SNR or spatial resolution.

In this era of transformative medical advancements, FUJIFILM India stands at the forefront, revolutionizing medical diagnostics and contributing to the progress of healthcare. Its dedication to healthcare extends beyond the development of cutting-edge imaging technology. The company is deeply committed to enhancing the overall healthcare ecosystem by fostering collaborations, conducting research and development, and promoting awareness and education. By prioritizing user-friendly designs and workflow optimization, FUJIFILM India enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare professionals, ultimately improving the quality of patient care.

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