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CooperSurgical Fertility Solutions, a leading brand in ART media represents three legacy media brands ORIGIO®, SAGE™ and LifeGlobal®. These three brands together support the ART clinics in optimizing their clinical efficiency and success rates.

The integral role of culture media in ART
The primary role of a culture system is to provide an environment that minimizes stress to gametes and embryos in vitro. Culture systems are highly sensitive to the external environment and influenced by many factors, including air quality, environmental control, CO2, and pH levels, as well as the laboratory staff’s level of expertise.

As variations in any of these parameters can affect clinical outcomes, creating and maintaining the optimal environment is key to a well-functioning culture system.

Quality ART clinics can rely on
Its certified, state-of-the-art production facilities follow the highest quality and regulatory standards to ensure consistent quality and low batch-to-batch variation. They work closely with industry experts around the world to ensure that its media can support their preferred protocol and suit their varied needs.

ART media for most preferences
CooperSurgical provides media for every step of the ART journey, including oocyte retrieval, andrology, fertilization, embryo culture, cryopreservation, IVF Culture oils and base media.

Benefiting from the strength of its legacy brands, it offers varied culture media options for an effective culture system.

  • Single-step embryo culture media. Single-step media are designed to provide the embryo with the nutrients needed for uninterrupted culture right through to the blastocyst stage.

    Key offering in single step media is the SAGE 1-Step™, a ready-to-use culture medium containing hyaluronan (HA) in addition to HSA. The addition of HA has been shown to promote embryo development and cryo survival as well as increase implantation and clinical pregnancy rates.

    Also on offer is Global®- a single step media range from the LifeGlobal brand whose performance has been demonstrated through 15 years of use.

  • Sequential embryo culture media. The sequential media systems use stage-specific formulations that aim to mimic the environment an embryo would encounter in vivo and support the changing metabolic and physiological needs at each phase.

    Developed and inspired by peer-reviewed research, the ORIGIO® Sequential Series™ is formulated with differing concentrations of vitamins and amino acids to optimize cellular function and reduce embryonic stress.

    Also on offer is the SAGE Quinn’s Advantage™ Sequential Series, which was the first clinically proven sequential media system designed to optimize the in-vitro environment for embryo development.

  • Culture media with GM-CSF. This innovative media suite provides options for both single-step and sequential culture, giving the infertility specialists an additional option for poor prognosis patients without the need to change their existing protocol. The inclusion of GM-CSF aims to reduce embryonic stress improving the chances of a successful implantation and live birth rates.

    SAGE® 1-Step™ GM-CSF, EmbryoGen® and BlastGen™ make up its novel culture media suite supplemented with GM-CSF.

Partnering beyond products
CooperSurgical Fertility Solutions offers specialized product at every step of the ART process including media, equipments, microtools and genetic testing solutions. With a global network of scientific leaders, embryologists, and clinical training experts, they aim to offer best possible support to drive the efficiency of the ART clinics and change fertility care for generations to come.

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