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Elan 30s – Fully automated microstrip ELISA processor Complete solution for ELISA workflow

Though a lot of technological advances have been made in immunoassays, the gold-standard ELISA continues to be trusted for its sensitivity, precision, consistency, and reliability. A typical ELISA protocol entails multi-step manual operations that at some point become challenging from an operational and compliance perspective.

The last two decades have seen tremendous innovation in ELISA technology. Automated ELISA processors are available for all kinds of workloads – from a compact bench-top ELISA strip processor to 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-, or 6-microplate processors.

Transasia’s Elan 30s is a fully automated microstrip ELISA processor that minimizes manual errors, while improving accuracy and turnaround time for critical tests. It allows users to develop new, flexible analytical workflows for up to 240 tests/run with the smart scheduling software and other features:

Multi-parameter run flexibility
Elan 30s is specifically designed for labs with moderate to low work load as it is capable of performing up to six different assays in a single batch simultaneously, thereby allowing labs to offer a broad range of test menu.

Compact size
A complete walk-away bench-top ELISA processor, Elan 30s is suitable for medium to small throughput blood banks and laboratories for assays not available on other platforms.

Pre-programmed for ErbaLisa range of products
Elan 30s comes with a pre-programmed menu for ErbaLisa range of assays. However, it is a complete open system and provides flexibility to perform any ELISA, from any brand or manufacturer.

Smart scheduling software
An intuitive software guides users through assay set-up, reducing user intervention. A real-time run dashboard monitors assay status at all levels. The software allows flexibility to accommodate small batch sizes and run different assays together, improving the overall turnaround time.

Automated pipetting
Elan 30s is equipped with a single probe. Use of high-quality low-retention disposable tips ensures accurate dispensing and zero carryover for samples and reagents contamination.

In-built wash station
Ability to program multiple plate geometries ensures efficient washing across various assays from multiple manufactures in a single batch, and supports three different wash buffers.

In-built incubator/shaker
Temperature controlled incubator/shaker eliminates the need for transfer operation between stations.

Built-in ELISA reader
Elan 30s is equipped with a moveable static photometric reader for complete ELISA processing and covers all basic wavelengths.

QC data management
Extensive QC module, such as Levey-Jennings data analysis along with calibration curve storage.

Manual processing for ELISA can become challenging and pose compliance and operational issues in the long-run. Transasia’s Elan 30s is an ideal solution for laboratories who are looking at cost-effectively scaling their ELISA workflow.

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