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We at Dr. Lal Pathlabs have been, and continue, to be the pioneers in the diagnostics healthcare industry. We are continuously at work to drive accessible, affordable, quality, diagnostic services within the reach of our patients and doctors. There are several trends that we see emerging in the years to come.

Rising incidence of non-communicable diseases. Increasing urbanization, stress, unhealthy eating habits, and sedentary lifestyle are factors that are increasing the disease burden for diseases like diabetes, which place a great amount of load on the healthcare infrastructure. The key to managing such chronic diseases is timely detection and diagnosis, adherence to a testing and care protocol, and bringing about a change in lifestyle. We believe a diagnostic service provider like ours has a role to drive awareness for early detection as well as a program which helps patients to manage their disease better.

Early detection and diagnoses. The earlier one detects a disease and diagnoses it, the better their chances of beating it and living a healthy life. This area is seeing a lot of new technology in the emerging space of genomics. We too have a collaboration with IGIB, India’s leading genetic sciences institute, and are building up our capability in this area as this will help detect and diagnose early, thus helping consumers lead longer, healthier lives.

Advanced tests in super specialized segments. We are also seeing a larger incidence of various ailments like cancer, where diagnostics has a big role to play, not only in detection but also in guiding treatment options. We are, therefore, building up capability in areas like cancer, neurology, and nephrology to introduce advanced testing methods and the latest cutting-edge tools to aid healthcare providers in prescribing treatment.

Driving access to affordable healthcare and the role of technology. With the advent of technology, no area of human endeavor has been left untouched. We too are harnessing the power of technology to transform our processes, and to also expand our network and reach through our franchisee partners, while maintaining and continuously improving our service delivery standards. Today’s consumers are exposed to the best that the digital eco system has to offer, and they expect the same from various service providers. We believe we must not only measure up to those standards but even beat them; hence, we are continuously innovating our delivery model to provide easy, affordable, and speedy access to our services through both our physical as well as digital infrastructure.

Building a fully compliant and sustainable operating network. One of the key challenges most patients and doctors face is that the diagnostics industry is highly fragmented in nature; there are more than 100,000 labs estimated to be operating in the country, but very few of them have even the requisite quality certifications or meet the compliance norms of the industry as laid down by various state governments. Further, many of these labs are ill equipped to meet the laid down norms as well. We have built the infrastructure and the capability to be compliant, and we believe that going forward we will have an opportunity to work in partnership models with local lab owners and thus help in moving toward quality delivery of diagnostics while building and improving the quality standards of the industry.

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