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Flow cytometers

Product listing of various models available in the Indian market, with detailed features, by brand

Brands Models Features
BD India FACSPresto The system is designed to provide absolute and percentage results of CD4 T lymphocytes and total hemoglobin (Hb) concentration in whole blood samples
  FACSVia Easy-to-use benchtop system designed to ensure that laboratory runs smoothly and efficiently
  FACSCanto II A proven platform for high reliability and quality results
Bio-Rad Laboratories ZE5 cell analyzer User-friendly design; design and run complex multi-parameter panels; seamlessly load samples
  S3e cell sorter Fully automatic, compact system; 2 lasers, 4 colors, automatic drop delay
  ddSEQ Latest platform launched for single cell studies
Sysmex CyFlow counter Fully equipped robust desktop flow cytometer for easy monitoring of HIV by CD4/CD3/CD8 T cell counting, and CD4 percent determination
  CyFlow Cube series Compact bench-top flow cytometer for analysis of single cell and microscopic particles with high grade of integration using up to 3 lasers and 6 fluorescent parameters with forward and side scatter
  CyFlow Ploidy Compact flow cytometer for ploidy analysis; high-resolution DNA and genome analysis for plants, animals, and microorganisms
  CyFlow Space Flexible and modular multi-laser flow cytometer with high performance which offers the most flexible, simple, and reliable features for routine and research work
  PS-10 The highly automated flexible sample prep system designed for complex LDT and routine flow applications. It provides standardization of flow cytometry sample preparation and eliminates the primary bottleneck in busy FCM labs. Being a completely open system enables the usage of third-party monoclonal antibodies as well
  XF 1600 A multi-laser optical layout with Sysmex’s proven fluidics design for reliable performance in a Flow cytometer. Stable fluidics , even at high sample acquisition rates, ensures the system is capable of rapid data collection and analysis with highly sensitivity; Three light sources to provide the capability to use numerous fluorochromes (488 nm, 638 nm, 405 nm)


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