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Fujifilm India’s breast cancer campaign: Sonali Bendre raises awareness

Fujifilm India, a leader in cutting-edge medical technology and healthcare solutions has come up with an inspiring brand campaign, raising awareness about early detection and timely diagnosis of Breast Cancer. The ad film is called “Let’s find It early. Fight it early” and features popular movie star Sonali Bendre who herself is a live example of resilience against cancer.

Conceptualized by Hakuhodo Sync Private Limited, the 2-minute ad film splendidly captures the story of women from all walks of life and their inhibitions to step out and discuss their health issues. Set in montages, the movie takes its audience to a whirlwind of emotions only to ignite hope, pursue women to take proactive steps for their health and highlighting importance of early detection and timely diagnosis. The narration seizes Sonali Bendre’s remarkable voyage of unwavering strength and resilience, emerging as a potent advocate in the battle against cancer aligns seamlessly with Fujifilm India’s mission of promoting well-being and empowering individuals to confront and overcome challenges.

Breast cancer is often surrounded by a stigma that discourages open discussions. Unfortunately, some women may mistakenly believe that effective treatments for this disease are unavailable. As per the Globocan data 2020, in India, Breast Cancer accounted for 13.5% (178361) of all cancer cases and 10.6% (90408) of all deaths. The ad campaign highlights Fujifilm’s cutting-edge mammography solutions, which play a pivotal role in early breast cancer detection.

Expressing her views on the film, Sonali Bendre says, “It’s a simple message, early detection can save lives. This film beautifully encapsulates how early detection can play a crucial part in winning the battle against breast cancer. Together with Fujifilm India, I am advocating for early detection, empowering women to step forward confidently and undergo timely screenings. Let’s Find it Early. Fight It Early.”

Speaking on the remarkable ad film, Koji Wada, Managing Director of Fujifilm India, averred, “We take immense pride in creating and releasing this ad film featuring our esteemed brand ambassador for breast cancer screening advocacy, Sonali Bendre. Her remarkable battle against cancer has ignited hope among numerous cancer survivors. Our dedication lies in providing state-of-the-art technological solutions and advanced medical devices to facilitate early screening and diagnosis.

Abhi Shekhar Singh – Vertical Head, Corporate Communications & CSR – Fujifilm India added, “Shot with a crew of over 100 people, this ad film was done in 1 day in Mumbai. As a brand professional, this was a very proud moment for me because this was shot on Fujifilm Fujinon Premista Cine lenses and the Director and Director of Photography have done good justice to the treatment and made the storytelling very empathetic. I hope the campaign would be able to take the corporate message of Fujifilm to its audience and would be able to resonate the ethos of realization of a sustainable society basis the Sustainable Value Plan 2030 of Fujifilm Group.”

“It is a matter of pride that we were able to carry out the social message on early detection of breast cancer through our creative planning. The subject is challenging and from a creative perspective, it was Hakuhodo Sync’s effort to make the treatment very classy yet hard-hitting. The Corporate Advertising mandate of Fujifilm India has grown strength by strength and we are very happy to add-value to the good social efforts of the brand” says Vineet Grover – Business Partner, Hakuhodo Sync Private Limited.

Fujifilm India’s alliance with Sonali Bendre as the Brand Ambassador for the breast cancer screening advocacy of Healthcare Business signifies a milestone in their relentless pursuit of improving healthcare outcomes and creating a society that values preventive healthcare. Fujifilm India is at the forefront of women’s diagnosis, offering an extensive array of diagnostic products that are bolstering its presence in the Indian diagnostic market. The ad culminates with a powerful and impactful message stressing the significance of early detection: ‘Let’s find it early. Fight it early.’
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