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Guidelines on oxygen issued in Maharashtra

Several states are gearing up to face the third wave of corona infection. Maharashtra is also on the same list. In view of the lack of liquid medical oxygen (LMO), the State Government has directed the oxygen producers to maintain up to 95 percent of the oxygen stock. Yes, as per the guidelines issued by the State Government recently, all companies producing LMO in the State have been directed to retain 95% stock by 30th September, 2011 and to comply with the terms and conditions relating to stock holding of oxygen till further orders.

It has been said that every plant should be arranged to produce oxygen at full capacity at its production centre. At the same time, district magistrates of the State have also been directed to ensure in their respective districts that all LMO producers (whether public or private) deposit oxygen stock there. He should prepare as soon as possible.

On the other hand, the Department of Public Health and the Department of Medical Education and Pharmaceuticals have been directed to make proper use of non-medical oxygen in case the demand for medical oxygen increases drastically. Let me tell all of you that the second wave of Covid 19 in Maharashtra was wreaking havoc between April and June 2021 and in the meantime 1850 Metric Tonnes of oxygen was used in seven lakh cases. Keeping this scenario in mind, preparations are already being made to deal with the possible third wave of corona. English Newstracklive

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