Health Checkup at Metro Stations a Major Draw

Rajeev, an accountant alighted at the Ameerpet metro rail station. As he was heading to exit the station, he noticed a board calling for a health checkup for ₹50. He never took a test and had no idea until he chanced upon the kiosk.  The results were out within five minutes and Rajeev was pleased to know that the mineral, water and protein content was under satisfactory levels. With a new found confidence and a spring in his step, he headed to office. Not all who take the test though walk out with a smile. A gentlemen in his fifties hesitantly took the test and was shocked to read the advice: To reduce 25 kgs. On an average, about 100-150 persons take the test which is available at Miyapur, Ameerpet, and Secunderabad metro stations in the city.

Customers get a pulse report of body composition analysis that includes fat, protein, water, mineral, pulse and height are analyzed as base in addition to weight, total body water and mass (both muscle and body) as the composition of body. Total body workout and percentage of body fat is also calculated. The evaluation summary provides users with recommendations in order to have an optimum body composition. The comprehensive summary briefs the users with the weight that is to be lost/gained and steps to achieve it. Also, the amount of calorie intake per day is mentioned. The customers are also equipped with detailed information on how to lose/gain weight and why is it important to check your body compositions. – The Hans India

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