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Help your respiratory patients get better and faster with Aerogen!

Breakthrough data presented at the American Thoracic Society 2019 reinforced Aerogen’s credentials as global leaders in high performance aerosol drug delivery.  This study shows how Aerogen can have a positive and sustained impact on adult asthmatic patients.

Supported further by data published in The American Journal of Emergency Medicine (2018) Aerogen is proven to deliver more drug to the lungs than a jet nebulizer resulting in a faster patient response to treatment and a reduced ED length of stay.

Aerogen offers:
Better. 6x more medication to the lungs compared to a jet nebulizer resulting in improved and visible patient response to treatment.

Faster. 85 percent patients achieved symptom control with one 2.5mg albuterol dose; and faster patient response to treatment.

Sustained. Sustained improvement in FEV1 percent and PEFR percent over time compared to jet nebulizers; reduced median length of stay in the ED2; reduced ED admissions; and increased throughput.

It is an established fact that in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), inhaled medication through nebulizers helps along with other treatments. The particle size 1 to 3 microns during nebulization makes the treatment much more effective. The products of Aerogen with patented vibrating mesh technology (high performance aerosol drug delivery systems) can significantly/positively impact the efficacy of treatment.

The company, synonymous with scientific excellence, and with a wealth of international awards, has a strong international presence with offices in Ireland, UK, Germany, United States, Middle East, Asia, and now that it is also present in India, we can make a significant difference to your hospital.

Would you like to help your respiratory patients get better faster?

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