How Babylon Health Is Using AI To Provide Online Healthcare Services

Babylon Health uses AI-powered features to helps patients understand how their lifestyle choices impact their mental and physical health, as well as suggesting changes for “healthier living”.

The biggest of these is the healthtech GP at Hand service that provides NHS patients fast access to a quick phone or video consultations with GPs when they’re feeling unwell.

As well as being more convenient for patients, digital appointments are helping to free up doctors’ time and NHS resources to help more patients.

Speaking at London Tech Week, Dr Keith Grimes, Babylon’s Health clinical innovation director, said: “Here, we believe it is possible to make healthcare accessible and affordable to everyone on earth – it’s what brought me to the company.

“But to do this is – is a very significant challenge – and to achieve this requires the use of AI to provide health care that everyone requires across the earth.

“We are not going to achieve this with human resource alone.

“We’ve assembled a kind of ‘tiered approach’ on how to do this with our AI health services to suggest changes for healthier living.” – NS Medical Devices

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