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How Jaipur‘s Arya College is setting new benchmarks in robotics

Artificial Intelligence labs are an essential part of any electronics and communication engineering college. To have a successful career in the field of robotics, having access to a research and development center at college plays a crucial role. Arya College offers students the top robotics lab in north India where students can research and develop robots that can help society at large. Not only do they develop Robots, but also make sure to make them under a budget that can be affordable by the public at large.

The bionic hand is one of the great inventions from the R&D labs of Arya College, which they made for just 35,000 rupees whereas in America this product was developed with more than 50 lakh rupees. The college has all important robotics technologies such as vacuum technology, Drone technology, 3-D printing, CNC technology, laser cutting, and SMT technology.

Once students complete their BTech in AI in India, they can create medical robots, military robots, serving robots for the hotel industry, and robots for work in hazardous environments, industries, the service sector, etc.

Innovative robotics lab at Arya College Jaipur:
Students get hands-on experience on live projects. Arya College Jaipur offers world-class technology in mechatronics, drones, robotics, etc to its students. Students at Arya are working on projects like:

  1. The bionic hand is a perfect solution for people who have lost a limb or limbs. The bionic hand will work as an extension. Many people have already benefited from this project in India. and selfie Robo is a robot trained to take selfies and share them on WhatsApp. Another invention of Arya’s robotics lab is serving Robo Ruby, this is a girl Robot that serves guests in restaurants and hotels. During the CovidD pandemic, this Robo served belongings and reports to patients in hospitals.
  2. RoboCHEF is a chef robot who will cook a dish by following stepwise instructions, users just need to provide ingredients to this Robo.
  3. Arya students also designed Robocop for CBI Delhi to keep vigilance.
  4. Apart from Robo, Arya students also designed certain devices such as the Human Brain Controlling Device, a skull-shaped device that can be worn as a cap and has electrodes connected to read thoughts in the human brain and translate them into language.
  5. An ATV is a four-wheeled sport quad bike that may be operated on any type of unpaved surface (such as sand or rough roads).
  6. Another invention of Arya’s robotics lab is MTM, A medical testing machine that can perform 45+ medical tests in 5 minutes. Additionally, MTM can print the test report simultaneously.
  7. They are also working on an F1 car, this car is currently being upgraded. They want to train and build more Schumachers.

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