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HPCL Systems

Product listing of various models available in the Indian market, with detailed capabilities and features, by brand




Bruker Daltonics

Elute LC series

Minimized gradient delay volume; binary high-pressure mixing pump; increased productivity and reduced cost of ownership

Shimadzu Analytical

Nexera series

A family of HPLC systems that marries these AI and IoT enhancements to set new industry; automated support functions utilizing digital technology, such as M2M, IoT, and Artificial Intelligence, that enable higher productivity and maximum reliability; allows a system to monitor and diagnose itself, handle any issues during data acquisition without user input, and automatically behave as if it were operated by an expert; supports the acquisition of high-quality, reproducible data regardless of an operator’s skill level for both routine and demanding applications; winner of the Red Dot Design Awards for Product Design 2019

Prominence-i (i-series)

Integrated LC system; equipped with ACTO technology for even smoother migration of existing analytical methods; easier operations with smart features for a superior performance

Prominence (modular HPLC)

Prominence HPLC offers exceptional reliability and great expandability to support diverse applications from ultra-fast liquid chromatography to preparative LC, gel permeation chromatography (GPC) ion chromatography, and LC/MS; high speed injection for large number of samples; full automation and self-diagnostics

Nexera Prep

Preparative system: ease-of-operation in a flexible set-up; simplifies the fractionation programming; high sample capacity with a reduced footprint; fast recovery of highly purified target compounds by automation of fractionation, concentration, purification and recovery

Waters India

Acquity UPC2

Provides the ability to precisely vary mobile phase strength, pressure, and temperature; controls retention of analytes for separating, detecting, and quantifying structural analogs, isomers, and enantiomeric and diasteriomeric mixtures

Acquity Arc system

True plug-and-play method compatibility and ability to switch between HPLC and UHPLC separations at the flip of a switch

Alliance HPLC system

Time-tested, flexible, and reliable; Integrated solvent and sample management with consistent system-to-system performance and high reproducibility

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