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HRAD 32 (DR-1 PRIME SERIES) from BPL Medical Technologies

X-ray plays a vital role in medical diagnostics, enabling healthcare professionals to identify and diagnose various anatomical conditions. To ensure optimal patient outcomes, it is important for medical professionals to incorporate reliable and latest medical equipment in their practice. BPL Medical Technologies Pvt. Ltd., at the forefront of innovation, constantly strives to integrate the latest technological advancements into their x-ray range for their customers. These systems incorporate state-of-the-art components and software, enabling healthcare providers to leverage advanced imaging techniques such as digital radiography, further improving diagnostic accuracy.

Right from small clinics to large hospitals, BPL Medical Technologies’ wide range of x-ray machines come with advanced imaging systems and technology that cater to an array of needs, all proudly made in India in their state-of-the-art facility. BPL offers three broad range of x-rays, classified as: Diagnostic x-ray, digital radiography, and image-guided surgery. These x-ray systems provide accurate and detailed images, assisting healthcare professionals in making well-informed diagnoses by leveraging the latest imaging technology. With high-resolution imaging capabilities, the machines ensure to capture every subtle detail precisely, allowing professionals in identifying even the most intricate anatomical structures with high level of clarity.

BPL MedTech offers an impressive range of fixed, mobile, and digital x-ray units designed for modern day clinical settings and routine examinations with user-friendly features and a smaller footprint. With our wide range of systems, healthcare professionals can choose from high frequency or line frequency models with options to control exposure time, dose, and safety parameters.

BPL HRAD 32 (DR-1 Prime Series) is a digital radiography system for whole body general radiography applications. The system is equipped with HF x-ray generator, and x-ray tube, which is mounted on floor mount stand, a large 17-inch x 17-inch CsI scintillation based FPD embedded in detector housing. The system is available with mobile table & transparent tabletop.

Some of the key features includes:

  • Powered by world class HFG technology for proven quality and reliability;
  • 17-inch x 17-inch latest generation IGZO panel;
  • 140µ pixel pitch with 3kx3k matrix;
  • TRUVIEW®ART. Advanced image reconstruction technology;
  • DEPAI™. Deep learning-based image processing;
  • Image stitching software enables display of the entire spine or lower extremities on a single image; and
  • DICOM 3.0 Connectivity, HIS / HMS / RIS / PACS compatible.

Recognizing the importance of patient comfort and safety, all of BPL’s x-ray solutions include several operator and patient-centric features. The ergonomic design and user-friendly interface prioritize ease of use for healthcare professionals, enhancing workflow efficiency, along with minimal radiation exposure while maintaining image quality, ensuring the well-being of patients as well during diagnostic procedures.

BPL Medical Technologies takes great pride in being an Indian home-grown company, manufacturing several medical solutions, including the x-ray range, in their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Palakkad, Kerala. The company is all set to grow their manufacturing capabilities further with an additional factory in Bangalore, Karnataka by August 2023. Their values strongly align with the Indian Government’s vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat (self-reliant India) in the healthcare space.

With a commitment to quality and precision, the company adheres to stringent manufacturing standards to ensure that their products meet international benchmarks. In addition, their nation-wide presence ensures that they remain committed throughout their customer’s journey of healthcare excellence. This emphasis on manufacturing and service excellence has earned BPL Medical Technologies a reputation for offering world-class solutions in India.

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